Kent League - Auto Grading Status

Events with a status of OK will be sent to the grading system automatically. Events with results updated since 2021-11-28 will be included next time the process runs. The Resubmit button sends the event for rating immediately, although it will get sent again the next time the automated process runs anyway

OrganisationSeasonEventAuto GradingLMS Grading CodeNew ResultsTotal ResultsGraded ResultsAuto Grading StatusResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MET County / Lewis CupAuto OTBLN00001461121212IGNORED: No new results| Resubmit
Kent League2021 Season MET Stevenson CupAuto OTBLN00001462484842OKResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MET En Passant CupAuto OTBLN00001463606048OKResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MET Harvey CupAuto OTBLN00001464303024OKResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MET Tom Fuller CupAuto OTBLN00001465191919IGNORED: No new results| Resubmit
Kent League2021 Season MET Intro CupAuto OTBLN0000146624244OKResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MID County / Lewis CupAuto OTBLN00001467666IGNORED: No new results| Resubmit
Kent League2021 Season MID Harvey CupAuto OTBLN0000147017170OKResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MID Tom Fuller CupAuto OTBLN0000147110100OKResubmit
Kent League2021 Season MID Intro CupAuto OTBLN0000147212128IGNORED: No new results| Resubmit