A reminder re Defaults; the player defaulting should be put down as Default, but their "opponent" as Not Named; the result should be entered as e.g. 1-0 (def) not as 1-0

Please remember to record the colours accurately for the Rapidplay matches; the default colour choice is incorrect for the second games

31 March - new venue for Swinton & Worsley

26 February - The latest version of the MCF Constitution, League & Match Rules, and Memoranda, are on the 3Cs website along with the latest Registration lists via the following link https://www.3cschessclub.com/ManchstrLge

18 December - As you will know, the University of Manchester entered teams in the MCF this year - for the first time in several years. We were very happy to encourage this and allowed them to play all their fixtures at home.

The club secretary, Tom Hughes, has made extensive efforts to find a suitable venue either in University premises or elsewhere in the locality - but these have proved fruitless - due to factors such as accessibility after 10 pm, restriction of people who are not members of the University, the inability to book University venues for dates more than a month or so in advance, costs of booking commercial premises and the like. We thank Tom for the work he has done here.

Tom has also looked at the feasibility of playing matches away - but this has also proved impractical as team members would generally be reliant on public transport.

As a result, the University has had to postpone many matches and - with no suitable venue on the horizon - it is now impossible to fit all of the matches into the remaining schedule

Accordingly, the University teams have been withdrawn from the league for this season.

We are encouraging the University to arrange friendly matches with MCF teams (where MCF league conditions need not apply - eg allowing a finish before 10 pm) and Damien has confirmed that we will be happy to help facilitate this. Clubs may wish to contact Tom direct to initiate this.

We hope that the University can sort out its venue problems in time for them to apply to take part in the league next season.

https://www.manchesterchess.com/ currently unavailable; see https://www.3cschessclub.com/ManchstrLge for Club Directory and Registration Lists

Team Captains are politely reminded that all Players should read the "Code of Conduct for Players" before their first match, and abide by it before, during and after all MCF fixtures.

Clubs are asked to do their best to fulfil all their fixtures. Not being able to field one's best team is not a valid reason for postponing or defaulting a match. When a team is unable to fulfil a fixture, or is unable to field a full team, it is courteous to inform and apologise to the opposing club with as much notice as possible. (The MCF Fixtures Memorandum).

Please address all fixtures queries, issues etc to the MCF Fixtures Secretary Elliott Barnett, preferably by email.
https://www.manchesterchess.com/league-and-match-rules has the Memoranda and Rules that apply for the season.

Enjoy your chess!

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Bolton 6  8 - 0  Swinton & Worsley 6  Mon 20th May 2024
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3Cs 2  6 - 0  Urmston 1  Wed 22nd May 2024
Urmston has default due to not having enough players
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Bolton 4  3½ - 2½  Swinton & Worsley 4  Mon 20th May 2024
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