Welcome to the County Championship Results Service. Please see the links on the left of this page for the 2020 results in due course, noting that the 2020 competition is currently suspended until further notice.

Teams nominated by their Unions will be asked to confirm participation once the format and the schedule for this season's competition has been announced, following which the draws will take place.

Union nominations (E, M, N, S & W) are;
7:Open (1) Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Middlesex (2) Gr Manchester, Lancashire, Surrey (3) Kent
6:Minor (1) Norfolk, Warwickshire, Devon (2) Suffolk, Leicestershire (3) Worcestershire
4:U180 (1) Shropshire, Yorkshire, Essex (2) Middlesex
8:U160 (1) Norfolk, Warwickshire, Yorkshire, Middlesex, Devon (2) Suffolk, Gr Manchester, Lancashire
9:U140 (1) Worcestershire, Lancashire, Kent, Hampshire (2) Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Surrey (3) Lincolnshire (PR), Essex (PR) - (PR= Meet in preliminary round unless format change)
7:U120 (1) Norfolk, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Middlesex (2) Nottinghamshire, Lancashire (3) Shropshire
6:U100 (1) Leicestershire, Lancashire, Essex (2) Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire (3) Warwickshire

Team lists will need to be updated by captains in due course. Please note that the team lists displays a player's revised grades. It may not be the assigned grade as published in the July list or the January list. Captains should consult the ECF grading database as to those players whose grades have been revised and seek clarification from the Controller if necessary. Only new users to the LMS have will be issued with log-ins, previous users should use their existing log-in. This is an ECF members' competition. Do not forget to obtain clearances for ungraded players and FINSs for unrated players in the Open.

Please visit in due course the County Championships page of the ECF website for the published Draw, Rules and cleared players without a published ECF standard play grade.

See "Previous Seasons" above for results for previous years commencing in 2018 and the ECF website archive for earlier years.


Ungraded Players
A list of players without a published 2019/20 ECF standard play grade cleared to play by the ECF National Controller will appear on the County Championships page on the ECF main website, in the competitions section. Their allocated competition grades are denoted by grading category "L" on this results service. Ungraded players are ineligible to play in the ECF knock-out stages of the competition unless cleared in advance by the ECF National Controller. Union estimated grades/clearances do not apply to the National knockout stages.


Latest Results

Essex CA  8½ - 7½  Lancashire CA  Sat 13th Jul 2019
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Yorkshire CA  9½ - 6½  Worcestershire CCA  Sat 13th Jul 2019
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Yorkshire CA  11 - 5  Surrey CCA  Sat 13th Jul 2019
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Middlesex CCA  8½ - 7½  Suffolk CCA  Sat 13th Jul 2019
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