Bradford and District Chess Association - Games By Ungraded players

NameClubECF CodeLocal GradingNumber of games
Angus HollidaySaltaire2940764
Brendan SmithIlkely Chess Centre005
Kieran L LinkCentral Division3025974
Yohge RabbiCentral Division004
Craig JordanCentral Division006
Yahsa DuraniCentral Division005
Tim AppleyardSaltaire005
Callum WhittonIlkely Chess Centre002
Matthew D WebbIlkely Chess Centre2255271
Elliot CloughBradford001
Henry EvansShipley002
Alfie KunzIlkley001
Hammad Ul-HaqIlkley001
Phil CallaghanIlkley002
Durani YahyaCentral Division001
Will ShepherdIlkely Chess Centre3432184
Alistair P CurdBradford1805471
Harry WilsonIlkely Chess Centre004
Bartoz PrzewiezlikowskiCentral Division004
Faith MsakhwaBradford001
Wilbur SummersonIlkely Chess Centre3432172
Harry ShawIlkely Chess Centre3418432