Bradford and District Chess Association - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Gary CorcoranIlkely Chess Centre2586514
Adam R LangBradford2586541
Ian P HunterSouth Bradford2645361
Dave YoungUndercliffe2654746
Callum WelshUndercliffe2901302
Angus HollidaySaltaire2940763
Marc TuruIlkley3149902
Fazal RabbiCentral Division15824710
Chris S EdwardsCentral Division1663735
Greg HardingCentral Division2508467
Mark W RogersonIlkley1465494
William BoothmanIlkley1870785
Graeme HallIlkley2884563
Dennis PalframanShipley2509104
Dave SykesShipley26546610
Keith BrackSouth Bradford1762071
Robert BroadbentCentral Division1049481
Jamie KubisaBingley2877749
Barry ThompsonUndercliffe265467ME0179556
Peter D WardIlkley1286801
Paul EdwardsCentral Division2284702
Andrew MorrisBingley327411ME0217927
Jacob SmithIlkely Chess Centre341653 6
Brendan SmithIlkely Chess Centre05
Yohge RabbiCentral Division03
Yahsa DuraniCentral Division05
Mick OverendSaltaire192914 9
Tim AppleyardSaltaire04
John TateIlkely Chess Centre342287 3
Callum WhittonIlkely Chess Centre02
Matthew D WebbIlkely Chess Centre225527 1
Greg BillennessIlkely Chess Centre266180 5
Elliot CloughBradford01
Henry EvansShipley02
Alfie KunzIlkley01
Hammad Ul-HaqIlkley01
Phil CallaghanIlkley02
Durani YahyaCentral Division01
Alistair P CurdBradford180547 1
Harry WilsonIlkely Chess Centre02
Bartoz PrzewiezlikowskiCentral Division03
Faith MsakhwaBradford01
Rupert W JonesIlkley1802783
Nick BurtonIlkley2213492
M Younis QuereshiBradford2436911
Mark McGintySouth Bradford2822387
Julian ToothillBingley250658ME0170293
Craig JordanCentral Division05
Wilbur SummersonIlkely Chess Centre343217 2
Harry ShawIlkely Chess Centre341843 2
Will ShepherdIlkely Chess Centre343218 2

Based on membership list date Sun 5th December 2021 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.