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The content of the League Management System now replaces much of what was previously held on the main NSDCA website, which now becomes just news based.

Some Useful Links/Dates :

Staffs County Cup Results - https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/8740/home

Staffs County Championship Results - http://bit.ly/staffsccresults

The South Potteries Rapidplay Championship has been cancelled. A new date for later in the year will be announced as soon as possible.

Rapidplay Jamboree - 2nd August @ Newcastle Chess Club

Crewe Congress - 27th/29th September -http://bit.ly/crewechess

Member Clubs - https://goo.gl/vbxQfL

NSDCA Code of Conduct - https://goo.gl/9GwM17

Team Captain Details - http://bit.ly/2Gq03ml

League Playing Rules - https://goo.gl/eocWFs

NSDCA Constitution - www.bit.ly/nsdcaconstitution

NSDCA League Grading Rules - http://bit.ly/nsdcalgr

Allocation Of Estimated Grades - https://goo.gl/wFp6g3

ECF Grading List - https://goo.gl/6Km6XO

NSDCA Calendar - https://goo.gl/owBvGL

All NSDCA League & Cup fixtures have been imported into the NSDCA Calendar so you can continue to view all of the fixtures in calendar format.

ECF/FIDE & FIDE/ECF Grade Conversion - https://goo.gl/xrFwwV

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Latest Results

Newcastle   ½ - 3½  Alsager  Fri 19th Jul 2019
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Crewe SCS 'B'  2½ - 1½  Newcastle  Wed 10th Jul 2019
Unfortunately David Ashby didn't turn up. I've tried to contact him but I haven't heard ba
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Cheddleton  5½ - 6½  Crewe  Fri 5th Jul 2019
3rd Annual Challenge Match
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Alsager  2 - 2  Crewe SCS 'A'  Tue 18th Jun 2019
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