Team Captains

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Alsager 9th South Cheshire ShieldAndy Barker***************
Alsager ‘A’ Division 3Andy Barker***************
Alsager ‘B’ Division 5Neil Hankey***************
Cheddleton Perry Trophy (U110)David Hallen***************
Cheddleton Major Cup (U150)Colin Abell***************
Cheddleton Open CupSimon Edwards***************
Cheddleton Intermediate Cup (U130)Roger Edwards***************
Cheddleton ‘A’ Division 1Simon Edwards***************
Cheddleton ‘B’ Division 2Steve Alcock***************
Cheddleton ‘C’ Division 3Colin Abell***************
Cheddleton ‘D’ Division 3David Hallen***************
Cheddleton ‘E’ Division 4Ali Arshad***************
Cheddleton ‘F’ Division 4Caroline Mountford***************
Cheddleton ‘G’ Division 5David Rose***************
Cheddleton ‘H’ Division 6Ali Arshad***************
Crewe Open CupDavid Hulme***************
Crewe Major Cup (U150)David Hulme***************
Crewe Intermediate Cup (U130)Dave Price***************
Crewe 'E' Division 5Nigel Gardner***************
Crewe 'F' Division 5Nigel Gardner***************
Crewe Perry 'A' Perry Trophy (U110)Les Hall***************
Crewe Perry 'B' Perry Trophy (U110)Nigel Gardner***************
Crewe SCS 'A' 9th South Cheshire ShieldDave Price***************
Crewe SCS 'B' 9th South Cheshire ShieldLes Hall***************
Crewe ‘A’ Division 1Karl Lockett***************
Crewe ‘B’ Division 2Simon Layhe***************
Crewe ‘C’ Division 3Dave Price***************
Crewe ‘D’ Division 4Les Hall***************
Crewe ‘G’ Division 6David Hulme***************
Fenton Major Cup (U150)Julian Hawthorne***************
Fenton Open CupSteve Emmerton***************
Fenton Intermediate Cup (U130)Steve Emmerton***************
Fenton Perry Trophy (U110)Derek Whitehurst***************
Fenton 'A' Division 1Petru Floresc***************
Fenton 'B' Division 2Steve Emmerton***************
Fenton 'C' Division 4Grenville Cross***************
Holmes Chapel Open CupJohn Turner***************
Holmes Chapel 'A' Division 1John Turner***************
Holmes Chapel Bishops Division 3Ellen Scattergood***************
Holmes Chapel Rooks Division 2George Scattergood***************
Kidsgrove Division 4Julian Cook***************
Macclesfield Division 2Philip Cattermole***************
Macclesfield Open CupPhilip Cattermole***************
Meir Intermediate Cup (U130)Clive Ferry***************
Meir Perry Trophy (U110)Stuart Green***************
Meir ‘A’ Division 4Peter Windows***************
Meir ‘B’ Division 5Ray Rhodes***************
Meir ‘C’ Division 5Roger Coleman***************
Meir ‘D’ Division 6Bob Perry***************
Newcastle Intermediate Cup (U130)Richard Cantliff***************
Newcastle Open CupAlan Paling***************
Newcastle 9th South Cheshire ShieldAlberto Gissi***************
Newcastle Perry Trophy (U110)Paul Clapham***************
Newcastle ‘A’ Division 1Chris Hankey***************
Newcastle ‘B’ Division 2Alan Paling***************
Newcastle ‘C’ Division 3Nic Wright***************
Newcastle ‘D’ Division 3Richard Cantliff***************
Newcastle ‘E’ Division 5Alberto Gissi***************
Newcastle ‘F’ Division 6Alberto Gissi***************
Stafford Major Cup (U150)Ken McNulty***************
Stafford Perry Trophy (U110)Peter Evans***************
Stafford Division 4Peter Evans***************