Sheffield & District Chess Association - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Nigel BaxendaleWorksop2652123
Kevin RandleAughton180555ME0087741
Ian BarwickSheffield Nomads2601513
Khaled MuflehiHillsborough29253511
Xi-Yang GuoSASCA2483911
Alan W PottsWoodseats1173265
Ionel DraganWorksop304228ME0168638
Andrew P BaxterRotherham129840ME01876111
Richard PavierWorksop261165ME0168541
Tim EnglandWorksop1520432
Saeed HassaniEcclesall2652383
John R ReynoldsAughton136871ME0168262
Luke W RussellChesterfield322082ME0203563
Joel EllisSheffield Nomads2
Alexander PelosofSheffield University32607410
Brian RedheadClay Cross2622634
Jerome RedheadClay Cross26526613
Kieran O'RiordanSheffield Nomads3
Darci CooperSheffield Deaf9
Luke TaylorHillsborough2509548
Patrick GuestEcclesall4
Howard CooperSheffield Deaf3
Ahmad O A MohammedSheffield University2
James I DaviesSheffield University4
Mikail BayrakSheffield University4
Evan WoodChesterfield2755715
Jaimin GalaiyaSheffield University6
Kacper MytnikSheffield University11
Alejandro Lopez-MartinezSheffield University14
Loukas PodaropoulosSheffield University3
Francisco G Huaman WichlerSheffield University4
Abhishek AsthanaSheffield Nomads1
Aaron SpearSheffield Deaf1
Glenn HalfpennyChesterfield1118911
Edouardos Ter GevorkianDarnall & Handsworth3
David KershawChesterfield4
Tim GollinsEcclesall4
Marko VukasinovicSheffield University2
Abdullah DaoubSheffield University1
Constantine MaraitisSheffield University1
Alex BlowersChesterfield2
Hubert MossongChesterfield1704981
Michael J Gallagher-ClarkDarnall & Handsworth154235ME0196761
Brian D StephensonDarnall & Handsworth1240433
Rahul KumarSheffield Nomads2578282
Aleksi AndersonSASCA2964251
Robert WaltonEcclesall265279ME0206503
Mick O'HanlonEcclesall320518ME0206613
Ralph BattyDarnall & Handsworth318544ME0168811
Philip G EllisEcclesall1437661
Emirasan UmerovSASCA3170561
Aarron HunterDarnall & Handsworth322907ME0207821
Luca BakshiSheffield University2
Oliver DewisSASCA1
George BastaSheffield University1

Based on membership list date Tue 11th August 2020 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.