October 2023 - Team Nominations

Bexhill 1 - Mark Rich, Andrew Fleming, Anh Nguyen
Bexhill 2 - Janis Petersons, Leo Woning, Steve Blewitt
Bexhill 3- William Luxton, Steve Merchant, Bill Tracey

Brighton & Hove 1 - Luke Rutherford, Callum Brewer, Geoffrey James
Brighton & Hove 2 - Kit Blades, Ian Kelly, Chris Lake

Crowborough 1 - Arjun Kolani, David Fryer, Jon Lawrance

Eastbourne 1 - Maks Rozman, Rasa Norinkeviciute, Oli Froom,
Eastbourne 2 - Adrian Pickersgill, Jim O'Dell, Laurence Butt
Eastbourne 3 - Mick Reddie, Paul Carpenter, Matt Pannett
Eastbourne 4 - Anthony Giles, Dejan Lekic, Colin Clark

East Grinstead 1 - Chris Baker, Peter Kemp, Carlos Cambon

East Grinstead Bookshop 1 - Graham Robertson, David Bryant, Rylie Thompson

Hastings & St.Leonards 1 - Daniel Lowe, Francis Rayner, John Sugden
Hastings & St.Leonards 2 - Brendan Ruane, Henry Cove, Mark Brougham

Haywards Heath 1 - Feliks Kwiatkowski, Jeffrey Boardman, Viv Cole
Haywards Heath 2 - Julian Clark, Graham Ewens, Lucas Renshaw

Horsham 1 - Gavin Lock, Mark Broom, Michael Forster
Horsham 2 - James Mansson, Anthony Higgs, Phil Stimpson
Horsham 3 - Peter Harbott, Ian Comley, Roy Page
Horsham 4 - Chris Heath, Bob Lanzer, Robert McDonald

Worthing 1 - Russell Granat, Matthew Payne, Chris Jones

October 2023 - Club venues

- Bexhill venue is now St Mark's Church Hall, Green lane, Bexhill TN39 4BZ. There is a free car park on site, and the playing venue is upstairs

- Brighton & Hove venue is now The Queens Hotel, 1-3 Kings Rd., Brighton BN1 1NS (in the Sandringham Suite). There is a pay car park in Black Lion Street

- Horsham venue has a name change to the Cornerstone Methodist Church, but at the same location

- East Grinstead home matches are now on Mondays

November 2022 - Collyers 1st Team

Please note that Collyers 1st team now plays home matches at Horsham Chess Club; their Junior Rapidplay home matches are at the College

November 2022 - ECF Ratings

Following a few queries, please note that ECF ratings are now showing on LMS for players with a 'P' or Partial Rating. These are based on a very few number of games and may be ignored for the purposes of team order, where captains believe that they are not a true reflection of strength.

Latest Results

Brighton & Hove 3  3 - 1  East Grinstead Bookshop 2  Mon 6th Nov 2023
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Haywards Heath   ½ - 3½  Uckfield  Thu 30th Nov 2023
Waiting for names of hh 2 and 4 as do not have the match card. Will update ASAP . Even m
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East Grinstead Bookshop 1  1 - 3  Eastbourne 3  Thu 16th Nov 2023
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Crowborough 2  2 - 2  East Grinstead Bookshop 1  Fri 20th Oct 2023
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