The Hull and District Chess Association runs a series of Leagues and Cups for both teams and individuals during the course of the year. Teams and Cup draws can be found in our handbook.

A Six Board and Four Board league each with two divisions - running from September until May
A Four Board Summer league of two divisions - running from June to August
Team Trophies - The Thomas Atkinson and RP Ross Cups (six and four board cups)
Individual player trophies - The Peter Hughes (played every two years) for the top 16 players, and U165 and U125 knockout competitions.
Finally, we have two teams competing in the Yorkshire League: The first team in the first division ("Woodhouse") and the 2nd team in the second division (The "IM Brown").

Latest Results

St Andrews B  1½ - 4½  Hull C  Wed 18th May 2022
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Hull W  1 - 4  Hull Futures  Wed 18th May 2022
I'm not really sure what comment is being required here?!
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TEREMOK  3 - 2  St Andrews D  Fri 13th May 2022
Entered on behalf of Oleg
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Victoria Dock  3 - 3  Beverley Knights  Tue 10th May 2022
On the scoresheet I had the incorrect grade total for Beverley Knights but fortunately it
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