The aim of the League is to promote chess activities and competitions. It extends from Morecambe in the north to Leyland in the south and encompasses players of varied abilities and ages. If you would like more information about the league contact the league secretary
Online Team Chess
During restrictions due to the pandemic the league is organising online chess until over the board chess can return. See how to challenge your opponent on lichess
The Online League Rules are here:

Online Season 2
Leyland 1 have been promoted to division 1 and Heywood 1 relegated to division 2. Season 2 will start January 11th.

Geoff Key and Martin Craven will not play for Leyland 1. Matthew Walsh and David Lindley will not play for Leyland 2.

Kyle Pelling and John Addison will not play for Heywood 2. Joshua Woodbridge and Mike Woodbridge will not play for Heywood 1.

Congratulations to Poulton for winning the 2md online league division 1 and Heywood 1 for winning division 2. Here are your virtual trophies!

Online Individual competitions
Open to all chess players who would play in the Blackpool & Fylde Chess League and members of teams ssociated with the league who wish to play some very friendly club night type matches against players they would normally see around the area.

There are two Swiss Tournament events that run for three consecutive weeks. A Standard event and a Double Round Rapidplay event. These events are very flexible and they are played on Lichess. Pairings are displayed on where user ID's are displayed. Matches can be arranged from the issue of pairings to the afternoon of the start of the next round. Players can arrange to be play on days other than the Tuesday or Thursday so they don't clash with league matches. This is a very friendly event and players should agree how to proceed if there are internet issues.

The Standard event has a 45+15 time control and usually played on Tuesday evening. Both players can play a longer timeframe if they wish.

The Rapidplay event has a 15+12 time control and usually played on Thursday evening.

These are the dates for individual 3 round swiss competitions. i.e Round 1 dates with rounds 2 & 3 in the subsequent weeks. Contact Dave Clayton if interested.

  1. Week commencing 25 January (Tuesday Standard 26 January & Thursday Rapidplay 28 January) for three consecutive weeks
  2. Week commencing 22 February (Tuesday Standard 23 February & Thursday Rapidplay 25 February) for three consecutive weeks
  3. Week commencing 16 November (Tuesday Standard 17 November & Thursday Rapidplay 19 November) for three consecutive weeks
  4. Week commencing 22 March (Tuesday Standard 23 March & Thursday Rapidplay 25 March) for three consecutive weeks

The Tuesday 7.30 and Thursday 7.30 are not fixed and game can be played on alternate dates and times by mutual agreement between players.

Last Wednesday of the Month Preston Open Swiss. 7:30pm This will be a repeat or Preston's Christmas Swiss Tournament open to players from local leagues ( Blackpool and Fylde, Central Lancs, Lancaster and Morecambe etc) . Join Preston Chess club on lichess, and then join the tournament.

Over the board chess

The League Rules are here:
The League's Privacy Notice is here:
Nominated Players for 2019
Preston - playing evenly matched two teams (Rule 17a):

  • For Preston 1, Brett Lund and Martyn Hamer will not be eligible to play for Preston 2
  • For Preston 2, Peter Jowett and Conor Reaney will not be eligible to play for Preston 1

Lytham 3 and 4 playing in order of strength (Rule 17b):

  • For Lytham 3 Colin Wilks and Pat Coleman will not be eligible to play for Lytham 4

Rapidplay cup

  • 11/11/19: A Poulton 1 v Lytham 1
  • 12/11/19: B Bispham 1 v Preston 1
  • w/c 9/3/19: C Winner A v Lytham 2
  • w/c 9/3/19: D Winner B v Poulton 2
  • Final Winner C v Winner D


  • E Loser A v Loser C
  • F Loser B v Loser D
  • Final Winner F v Winner E

Latest Results

Bare and Lancaster  1½ - 2½  Heywood 1  Thu 18th Mar 2021
Good match to finish off with. Thanks for the game. And thanks to the organisers of the on
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Heywood 2  1 - 3  Leyland 2  Wed 17th Mar 2021
Thanks to David for being patient and accepting to play a different opponent to the schedu
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Leyland 1  1 - 3  Poulton 1  Tue 16th Mar 2021
Congratulations on winning the league
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Preston  2½ - 1½  Lytham 1  Mon 15th Mar 2021
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