Armaan Gogia

Games (Standard Rate)

Graeme JenningsD172West Nottingham 1 v Gambit 2Division 1Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Peter W CusickD170West Nottingham 1 v Grantham 1Division 1Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Dimitra AmiridouW147West Nottingham 1 v University 1Division 1Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Michael A NaylorD167West Nottingham 1 v Gambit 1Division 1Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Alex B CombieW158Newark 1 v West Nottingham 1Division 1Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Kevin SimpsonL157West Nottingham 1 v MansfieldDivision 1Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Julian CastD175Long Eaton v West Nottingham 2Division 2Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Chris HillW151West Nottingham 2 v Grantham 3Division 2Nottinghamshire Chess Association
David G LevensD161West Nottingham 2 v Ashfield 2Division 2Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Julian CastD175West Nottingham 2 v Long EatonDivision 2Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Stefan WalentowiczD174West Nottingham 2 v West Bridgford 1Division 2Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Alex B CombieW158West Nottingham 2 v Newark 2Division 2Nottinghamshire Chess Association
Current Grade = 179, Estimated performance on these games = 176.3. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!