Cheddleton 'G' v Crewe 'E'

Division 5 Fri 2nd Feb 2018
BoardHomeCheddleton 'G'Crewe 'E'Away
1 (B) 101B (110A)
Rose, David M
½ - ½
Barnett, Douglas J
123A (131A)
2 (W) 95A (115A)
Alcock, Joseph P
0 - 1
Lovatt, Amy
118D (152C)
3 (B) 76B (69D)
Brown, Joshua T
½ - ½
Ballantyne, Steve
87B (000 )
4 (W) 35E (60D)
Rose, Isabelle M
½ - ½
Gardner, Nigel
70D (88A)
Total3071½ - 2½Total398

Last update Steve Emmerton Sat 3rd Feb 2018 01:46. Reported by David Rose . Verified By Nigel Gardner


Another tense match in division 5 with the result of each game hanging in the balance. Isabelle and I ground to an uninspiring draw that seemed like it never really got started but she played very well throughout. Boards 1 and 3 followed with draws in quick succession although in each case one slip would have lost the game. A special mention and thanks to Doug who turned up and played on a cold friday night when we wasnt a well man and despite falling behind battled back to a sort of parity and give the team a fighting chance. All eyes on Amy and Joe with their game going on well past ours and Amy having what appeared a marginal advantage throughout which ultimately she was able to capitalise on in a very well played match. Many thanks to Cheddleton for hosting and well done to my team for maintaining our momentum as a team. finally there was also a counting 5th board where Harry Gardiner (black) beat Tilly Snape in a game where for the first 20 moves there was a very tense position and then Harry edged the advantage and had the experience to make it count. Well done to all.