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Overview of Essex Online upcoming events:
Events Schedule:https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/EXOL-Schedule.pdf

Visit our website for information about the Association and our activities: https://www.essexchess.org.uk/activities-2
The drop downs from the Activities tab will take you to the tournament pages for the 2021 season which comprise events taking place between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021. 2020/21 events will be hosted on the lichess.org platform.

***COUNTY CHESS ONLINE - in play***

Slow Play (G60/15) SCCU Members' Team Championships ahead of the national County Championships.
Played at 2pm over 5 Saturdays 28 November, 5 December, 9 January, 16 January and 23 January
Two average team rated sections of 2050 (180) and 1675 (130). Essex has entered 3 teams.
If you wish to join squad Essex contact Peter Nickals at nickals.family@gmail.com and register as a player with the SCCU at: https://form.jotform.com/203114537645048
Event Information at: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/63543/home


RAPID (G10/5) 7pm Monday 23 November, individual 5 round Swiss - ENTRIES close at 6:30pm
at https://www.essexchess.org.uk/activities-2/eca-online-rapid-series/onlin...

BLITZ (G TBA) 7pm Monday 7 December - Entry form will appear here

CHRISTMAS FUN TEAM BLITZ (G7) 10am Sunday 13 December
Entries to Tom Barton at essexonline@essexchess.org.uk

Monday 23 November (5 round Swiss)
Rating limited section according to entry
Entries now being taken via online entry form:
Essex Closed event for members of clubs affiliated to the ECA and its direct members who have joined our Lichess "team" https://lichess.org/team/essex-online
ECF membership required - minimum of Supporter level

Competition entries, parings, results, tables are contained within the VEGA Tournament Pages at:
ECF LM S Links to Lichess Player Profiles at: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/64360/elist
Interactive pairing cards for each round will be accessible in the tournament Event in the left panel. Please see the disclaimer above in the event of any discrepancy with the published VEGA pairings and results. NB Players are unable to enter results directly into the LMS and must report them in accordance with the instructions for the event.
Controller's Notices: A link to the Essex Online (https://lichess.org/team/essex-online) Team Forum Topic will appear here
Schedule: R1 19:00-19:30; R2 19:35-20:05; R3 20:10-20:40; R4 20:45-21:15; R5 21:20-21:50

Essential reading:
Competition Rules - https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/EXOLSP-Rules.pdf
Online Policy/entry conditions - https://www.essexchess.org.uk/online-chess
Online Code of Conduct - https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/files/sg/ECA%20%20Online%20Code...
ECA Online Safeguarding Policy - https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/files/sg/ECA%20Safeguarding%20P...
ECF Fair Play Policy - https://englishchessonline.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/ECF-Online-...
Lichess Terms of Service - https://lichess.org/terms-of-service
Guide to playing on lichess - https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Guide_to_Playin...

The 2020/21 events schedule comprises:

Individual Online (Monday evenings starting at 7pm).
Blitz - 7 December 2020; 1 February 2021; 29 March 2021.
Rapid - 23 November 2020; 11 January 2021; 1 March 2021
23 Nov Entry Form: https://www.essexchess.org.uk/activities-2/eca-online-rapid-series/onlin...
Standard - 2nd Essex Online Championships (sections according to entry):
R1: 12 April 2021; R2: 26 April 20201; R3: 10 May 2021; R4: 24 May 2021; R5: 7 June 2021
EXOL Championship Rules: https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/EXOLC2-Rules.pdf

Team Online
SCCU Members' Team Championships: 28 November, 5 December, 9 January, 16 January and 23 January
Event details at: https://www.sccu-chess.com/index.php/en/sccu-online

Christmas Team Blitz - Sunday 13 December at 10am (teams of 4), unrated all-play-all

2021 Summary of completed events
See the Events panel on left for the pairing cards; for official results see the VEGA tournament pages below
09 Nov Blitz 1 https://www.essexchess.org.uk/wp-content/tournaments/2020-21/EssexOnline...
14 Nov County Challenge. This warm up for the SCCU Members' Team Championships was played in three rating limited sections with teams from North Essex (1820+), Essex (U1820) and Wanstead (U1610) taking on three "The Rest" teams. In making up the opposition, the rest of Essex was joined by players from Kent and Surrey.

2020 Summer Season
Click on Previous Seasons in the menu above for our first season's events during the summer of 2020, played on the chess.com platform. In July & August 2020 the inaugural Essex Online Championships were held comprising Open, U150 and U100 competitions. On 27 June 2020 and on 18 July 2020 the Essex U1825 squad divided into Essex Marauders and Essex All Stars for an inter team match, during breaks in the inaugural Online County Championships. Essex went onto win the U1825 Championship. The County Championships can be found on this LMS at https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/60070/home. The season began on 30 May 2020 with a county championship warm up match, an inter Anglia affair against Norfolk. A somewhat random affair by virtue of the board order set automatically by chess.com to its online rapid ratings as opposed to standard ratings or grading. The Championships however were played by way of a series of individual board challenges (using ECF standard ratings and then standard grades).

Latest Results

Essex (U1820)  5½ - 2½  The Rest (U1820)  Sat 14th Nov 2020
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North Essex (1820+)  5 - 2  The Rest (1820+)  Sat 14th Nov 2020
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Wanstead (U1610)  3½ - 3½  The Rest (U1610)  Sat 14th Nov 2020
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White  5½ - 4½  Black  Mon 31st Aug 2020
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