Beckenham & Bromley 5 v Petts Wood & Orpington 10

MET Intro Cup Thu 7th Nov 2019
BoardHomeBeckenham & Bromley 5Petts Wood & Orpington 10Away
1 (W) 094A (94A)
Fraser, Alan R
½ - ½
Nguyen, Ryan
102E (102E)
2 (B) 075L (0)
Parkin, Andrew
0 - 1
Rocero, Vincent
101B (101B)
3 (W) 080L (000 )
Moisey, Joshua
0 - 1
Sanka, Amit Aryan
074C (74C)
4 (B) 047D (47D)
Roberts, Stephen
0 - 1
Avril, Aaran
072L (72F)
Average74 ½ - 3½Average88

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Andrew Parkin played on board 2 for Beckenham and Bromley 5 , but I could not find him in the list of player. Please kindly update.

I've added Andrew Parkin to the Beckenham list. He became an ECF member last week but I haven't been told his membership number yet.

I confirm that the intro result for 7 November 2019 is correct.

The computer tells me I do not have access to verify the result. Is this because Andrew Parkin was apparently not in the list of players for Beckenham? I do find the hassle about all this totally pointless, especially as the result is exactly the same.