Clough (Handicap)

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Undercliffe C3½ - 3½RedmondsTue 8th Oct 201919:30OU
Heroes & Villans4 - 3Shipley GlensTue 8th Oct 201919:30OU
Ilkley Moors3 - 4KeighleyTue 8th Oct 201919:30OU
Olicana (Ilkley)3 - 4Shipley RaidersTue 8th Oct 201919:30OU
Knights of the Round Table3 - 4Unbeleiveable JeffTue 8th Oct 201919:30OU
Beestie Boys (Bingley)2½ - 4½Khan`s WrathTue 8th Oct 201919:30OU
Shipley Raiders ½ - 4Khan`s WrathTue 5th Nov 201919:30OU
Keighley4 - 3Central LanersTue 5th Nov 201919:30OU
Unbeleiveable Jeff5 - 2Heroes & VillansTue 5th Nov 201919:30OU
Shipley Glens3 - 4Undercliffe CTue 5th Nov 201919:30OU
Knights of the Round Table4½ - 2½Ilkley MoorsTue 5th Nov 201919:30OU
Olicana (Ilkley)1½ - 5½Beestie Boys (Bingley)Tue 5th Nov 201919:30OU
Unbeleiveable Jeff3½ - 3½Khan`s WrathTue 28th Jan 202019:30OU
Keighley3 - 4Beestie Boys (Bingley)Tue 28th Jan 202019:30OU
Redmonds4½ - 2½Knights of the Round TableTue 28th Jan 202019:30OU
Central Laners4 - 3Undercliffe CTue 28th Jan 202019:30OU
Ilkley Moors3 - 2½Shipley GlensTue 28th Jan 202019:30OU
Heroes & Villans0 - 0Olicana (Ilkley)Tue 28th Jan 202019:30OU
Unbeleiveable Jeff3 - 4Beestie Boys (Bingley)Tue 10th Mar 202019:30OU
Khan`s Wrath1½ - 4RedmondsTue 10th Mar 202019:30OU
Heroes & Villans3 - 4Central LanersTue 10th Mar 202019:30OU
Undercliffe C4½ - 2½KeighleyTue 10th Mar 202019:30OU
Ilkley Moors2½ - 4½Shipley RaidersTue 10th Mar 202019:30OU
Knights of the Round Table3½ - 3½Shipley GlensTue 10th Mar 202019:30OU