Welcome to the Suffolk County Chess Association's small corner of the ECF League management system.

The Suffolk County Chess Association is the local governing body for chess in Suffolk and extends into a small sliver of North Essex.

The SCCA arranges fixtures between teams from clubs located around the region and welcomes anyone who wants to play chess be they people who have never played, learners, intermediate strength or super strong players.

This is the national site for League management run by the ECF and as such it cannot be all things to all clubs and associations so the way it functions may not be compliant with all aspects of the SCCA competition rules.

If you find any instances of this sort of issue please let the SCCA Competitions Secretary know and they will lead the efforts to correct the problem.
This is very much a work in progress at the time of writing in August 2023.

For all the League Rules, click here

League Nominations

Division 1
Club Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Bury St Edmunds A Mike Harris (2312) Mark Le-Vine (2047) Jan Balogh (1968) Piotr Wasilak (1968)
Felixstowe A Phil Hopkins (2097) Peter Gemmell (2064) Conrad Simons (1913) Ed Kirkham (1771)
Ipswich A Yaroslav Orishko (e2000) Stephen Lewis (1894) Andrew Shephard (1873) Angus Irving (1741)
Saxmundham A Simon Wilks (1930) Malcolm Lightfoot (1920) John Feavyour (1867) Sam Gaffney (1845)
Manningtree A Andrew Lewis (2327) Panagiotis Kanellopoulos (2245) Phil Hutchings (1949) Rowland Kerr (1863)
Division 2
Club Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Bury St Edmunds B John Feavyour (1867) Judith Heffer (1712) Mark Heffer (1665) Zeb Strela (1674)
Manningtree B Simon Webber (1748) Bob Stephens (1722) Graeme Jones (1721) Rod Saines (1675)
Saxmundham B David Brown (1844) Dominic Carter (1638) Matthew Lawes-Wickwar (1619) Peter Collicott (e1500)
Stowmarket Tim Lunn (2038) Stephen Lewis (1894) James Irwin (1773) Chris Wescomb (e1600)
Sudbury Rob Sanders (1932) Andrew Donnelly (1821) Jakob Tulic (1659) Robert Kent (1533)
Woodbridge Simon Wilks (1930) Sam Gaffney (1845) Tim Wesson (1801) Ed Kirkham (1771)
Division 3
Club Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Bury St Edmunds C Sam Harrison (e1600) Sergeys Starodubcevs (1564) Anthony Taylor (1563) Hugo Smith (1479)
Bury St Edmunds D Rowan Kent (1689) Danny Harrison (1660) Amy John (1571) Lawrence Garside (1508)
Felixstowe B Garry Hemsworth (1599) Mark Weidman (1589) Alan Lewis (1517) Dave Robertson (1389)
Ipswich B Thomas Sheat (1836) Simon Riley (1714) Les Jones (1712) Alonso Paez (1621)
Ipswich C Piotr Dolewka (1552) Ken Lunn (1530) Martyn Colebrook (1494) Adam Wilson (1441)
Manningtree C Jim Buis (1750) John McAllister (1649) David Welsh (1500) Adrian Sanderson (1485)

Latest Results

Clacton  4 - 0  Woodbridge  Tue 28th Nov 2023
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Ipswich C  1½ - 2½  Bury St Edmunds D  Wed 22nd Nov 2023
Board 4: Brian Crockett
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Manningtree  3½ - 4½  Woodbridge  Wed 22nd Nov 2023
For once, the ratings shown are the actual ratings used in the handicap calculation! Ma
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Ipswich  3 - 1  Woodbridge  Wed 15th Nov 2023
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