York and District League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Paul W AndersonEagle and Child1040955
Norman G AndrewsYe Olde Starre Inne10575012
Simon T AnsellEagle and Child1057766
Eric A KeyAcomb WM Club12752011
Richard D HardyYork RI1283437
Toby Conyers-KellyYe Olde Starre Inne14262014
John JarmanyScarborough1477417
Barry MarshallYork RI1585868
John FooYe Olde Starre Inne16030715
Paul M HopwoodEagle and Child1702563
James M CarpenterEagle and Child1855366
Richard B MounceAcomb WM Club1871015
Owen R RobsonYe Olde Starre Inne21682013
Arron BarkerAcomb WM Club2300711
Richard M CowanAcomb WM Club2309129
Paul MasiakYork RI25051613
Anastasios NezisEagle and Child2520353
Leslie WellsScarborough2591807
David WellsYork RI2591862
Adam IsmailEagle and Child26103411
Daniel J StaplesYork RI2623375
Derek ToyneYork RI27658012
T Noel StewartYork RI27975715
Robert MoneagleYork RI2839322
Peter R HarringtonAcomb WM Club3017155
Jonathan R AyresScarborough1445392
Simon DixonScarborough23426617
Cassius LivingstoneYork University3169777
Stuart R ActonAcomb WM Club104066ME01730613
David HanoverAcomb WM Club9
Nigel YatesScarborough262691ME01802215
Ronnie NobleScarborough295800ME01708012
Ben RichYork RI7
David Wm SmithYork RI288665ME0174879
Paul LakinYork RI264505ME01892212
RA (Bob) MaltbyYork RI264510ME00227116
Andy PickeringEagle and Child2616096
Frank T SheldrickWetherby261035ME00510815
Ian CarriganWetherby180643ME01695014
A CarriganWetherby1806429
AJ (Tony) SlingerYe Olde Starre Inne119124ME00154411
Karim KahnYork RI3
Stephen R CooperAcomb WM Club246231ME01752216
Eric J BrodieAcomb WM Club107334ME0048393
Philip N ManderYe Olde Starre Inne2645115
Christopher S DossettScarborough1098148
Mark W WhiteEagle and Child124209ME0098467
Laurence A CornhillEagle and Child1798731
Chris TathamWetherby131500ME0028469
Michael JacksonAcomb WM Club27814215
Kai TseYork University14
Paulo MonteiroEagle and Child2748003
SD SmithYork RI1193591
John GrashamWetherby277724ME00754814
Matthew HarrisWetherby2
Ben SimpsonYork University3212115
Thomas, T MortonYork University1
Nicholas CardenYork RI3120967
P, Philip RoeScarborough32742302181315
Paul A HutchinsonScarborough113313ME0204498
Solomon HayesEagle and Child11
Tom, T WernerYork RI19
David L PedroWetherby234028ME0039069
Paul, P MillerAcomb WM Club4
Charles, C UsherWetherby11
Andrew CardenYork RI31188216
Josh, J BurlandYork RI2
Judd BennettYork University2693357
Daniel, D HillYork University3
Rob, R LockwoodYork University17
Alexandre Van HornsteinYork University11
Ben, B MaceYork University11
George SpeakYork University2948322
Simone LeddaYork University1
Paul GelderWetherby125922ME01193413
Ewan WAN HaasYork University3128879
Erickson LeeYork University3260014
Yamma Khalid, Y AriaYork University3
W (Bill) CatronAcomb WM Club2167673
Ethan, E RodriguezEagle and Child2
Beth RaviliousYork RI318459ME0192323
Hardy BurchYork University287433ME0212593
Mindaugas, M VidmantesAcomb WM Club10
Rupert W JonesYork RI1802782
Alexander GoldthorpeYork University2913903
Brian D CornerWetherby251791ME0211802
Nick WaitesYork RI2
Tobin E ClarkeYork RI313732ME0157282
George RobinsonYork RI288295ME0054822
Roger R PearsonScarborough1
Paul P BonnettAcomb WM Club01
Patrick GowerYe Olde Starre Inne1829062
Martina FlintEagle and Child2704952
Erickson, E LeeYork University1
Chris, C PossettScarborough1
Lisa, L SchlichterYork University1
Tom MiddletonWetherby2732431
Dominic D GabrielYork University1

Based on membership list date Sun 9th May 2021 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.