Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeEventStatus
Kidsgrove 0 - 0Alsager 'B'Postponed19:45Division 4OU
Alsager SCS ½ - 3½Stafford SCSTue 12th Jun 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Newcastle SCS3 - 1Stafford SCSWed 20th Jun 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'A'3½ - ½Alsager SCSWed 20th Jun 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Newcastle SCS3½ - ½Crewe SCS 'B'Wed 27th Jun 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe GF5 - 8Cheddleton GFWed 4th Jul 201819:40Club FriendliesLV
Stafford SCS2½ - 1½Alsager SCSWed 4th Jul 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'B' ½ - 3½Crewe SCS 'A'Wed 18th Jul 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Stafford SCS1 - 3Newcastle SCSThu 19th Jul 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'A'2 - 2Newcastle SCSWed 25th Jul 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'B'1 - 3Newcastle SCSWed 1st Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Stafford SCS2 - 2Crewe SCS 'A'Thu 2nd Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Newcastle SCS2½ - 1½Alsager SCSWed 8th Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'A'3 - 1Crewe SCS 'B'Wed 8th Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Stafford SCS2 - 2Crewe SCS 'B'Thu 16th Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Alsager SCS0 - 4Crewe SCS 'B'Tue 21st Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'A'3 - 1Stafford SCSWed 22nd Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'B'2½ - 1½Alsager SCSWed 29th Aug 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Alsager SCS ½ - 3½Crewe SCS 'A'Tue 4th Sep 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe SCS 'B'3 - 1Stafford SCSWed 5th Sep 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Alsager SCS1½ - 2½Newcastle SCSTue 11th Sep 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Fenton 6½ - 3½Meir Mon 17th Sep 201819:40South Potteries Chess Challenge Cup LV
Newcastle SCS2 - 2Crewe SCS 'A'Wed 19th Sep 201819:40South Cheshire Shield LV
Crewe GF5½ - ½Newcastle GFWed 26th Sep 201819:40Club FriendliesLV
Meir 'B'3½ - ½Meir 'C'Mon 1st Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Macclesfield 2½ - 2½Cheddleton 'B'Mon 1st Oct 201819:40Division 2LV
Fenton 'C' ½ - 3½Alsager 'B'Mon 1st Oct 201819:40Division 4LV
Alsager 'A'2 - 2Cheddleton 'C'Tue 2nd Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'F'0 - 4Crewe 'E'Wed 3rd Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'A'4 - 1Holmes Chapel RooksWed 3rd Oct 201819:40Division 2LV
Newcastle 'B'3 - 2Fenton 'B'Wed 3rd Oct 201819:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'F'2 - 2Stafford 'B'Fri 5th Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'E'0 - 4Crewe 'D'Fri 5th Oct 201819:40Division 4LV
Cheddleton 'D'1½ - 2½Newcastle 'C'Fri 5th Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Meir 'A' ½ - 3½Crewe 'B'Mon 8th Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Alsager 1 - 3Crewe Perry 'B'Tue 9th Oct 201819:40Perry TrophyLV
Newcastle5 - 0Kidsgrove Tue 9th Oct 201819:40Intermediate CupLV
Stafford 'B'3½ - ½Meir 'B'Wed 10th Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'F'1 - 3Cheddleton 'H'Wed 10th Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'D' ½ - 3½Fenton 'C'Wed 10th Oct 201819:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'C'3 - 1Newcastle 'C'Wed 10th Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'G'2½ - 1½Cheddleton 'F'Fri 12th Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'A'3 - 2Cheddleton 'A'Mon 15th Oct 201819:40Division 1LV
Alsager ½ - 3½Crewe Tue 16th Oct 201819:40Major CupLV
Newcastle 'A'1½ - 3½Holmes Chapel 'A' Wed 17th Oct 201819:40Division 1LV
Newcastle2½ - 1½Stafford Wed 17th Oct 201819:40Perry TrophyLV
Crewe Perry 'A'2½ - 1½Fenton Wed 17th Oct 201819:40Perry TrophyLV
Cheddleton3½ - ½Meir Fri 19th Oct 201819:40Perry TrophyLV
Meir 'C'2½ - 1½Cheddleton 'F'Mon 22nd Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'B'1½ - 3½Macclesfield Mon 22nd Oct 201819:40Division 2LV
Kidsgrove 1 - 3Newcastle 'E'Tue 23rd Oct 201819:45Division 4LV
Alsager 'A'-½ - 3½Crewe 'C'Tue 23rd Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'F'3 - 1Stafford 'B'Wed 24th Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'D'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'E'Wed 24th Oct 201819:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'C'1½ - 2½Meir 'A'Wed 24th Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'B'2 - 2Cheddleton 'D'Wed 24th Oct 201819:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'H'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'G'Fri 26th Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'C'1½ - 2½Stafford 'A'Mon 29th Oct 201819:40Division 4LV
Macclesfield 5 - 1Crewe Mon 29th Oct 201819:40Open CupLV
Macclesfield GF ½ - ½Crewe GFMon 29th Oct 201819:40Friendlies Appended To League/Cup MatchesLV
Alsager ½ - 3½CheddletonTue 30th Oct 201819:40Intermediate CupLV
Stafford 'B'4 - 0Newcastle 'F'Wed 31st Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'F'2 - 2Meir 'C'Wed 31st Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'E'2½ - 1½Cheddleton 'G'Wed 31st Oct 201819:40Division 5LV
Holmes Chapel 5 - 1NewcastleThu 1st Nov 201819:40Open CupLV
Cheddleton2½ - 2½Meir Fri 2nd Nov 201819:40Major CupLV
Fenton 'B'2 - 3Cheddleton 'B'Mon 5th Nov 201819:40Division 2LV
Meir 'A'1 - 3Crewe 'C'Mon 5th Nov 201819:40Division 3LV
Alsager 'B' ½ - 2½Kidsgrove Tue 6th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Stafford 'B'2 - 2Cheddleton 'H'Wed 7th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'F'1 - 3Crewe 'E'Wed 7th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'A'3½ - 1½Macclesfield Wed 7th Nov 201819:40Division 2LV
Crewe 'D'1 - 3Newcastle 'D'Wed 7th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Holmes Chapel Rooks1 - 4Newcastle 'B'Thu 8th Nov 201819:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'E'4 - 0Newcastle 'E'Fri 9th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Cheddleton 'D'1½ - -½Alsager 'A'Fri 9th Nov 201819:40Division 3LV
Meir 'B'2 - 2Cheddleton 'F'Mon 12th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Alsager 'B'-4 - 4Cheddleton 'E'Tue 13th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'C' ½ - 3½Crewe 'B'Tue 13th Nov 201819:40Division 3LV
Newcastle 'D'3½ - ½Fenton 'C'Wed 14th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'C'1½ - 2½Crewe 'B'Wed 14th Nov 201819:40Division 3LV
Stafford 'A'1 - 3Kidsgrove Wed 14th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'C'2 - 1Cheddleton 'D'Wed 14th Nov 201819:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'G'2½ - 1½Crewe 'F'Fri 16th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'B'2 - 2Crewe 'A'Fri 16th Nov 201819:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'H'3 - 1Meir 'C'Fri 16th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Macclesfield 4 - 1Holmes Chapel RooksMon 19th Nov 201819:40Division 2LV
Fenton 'C'1 - 3Cheddleton 'E'Mon 19th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Meir 'B'0 - 4Crewe 'F'Mon 19th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Alsager 'B'2 - 2Crewe 'D'Tue 20th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'E'2½ - 1½Newcastle 'D'Wed 21st Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'E'3½ - ½Meir 'C'Wed 21st Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'G'2 - 2Stafford 'B'Fri 23rd Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'A'3 - 2Newcastle 'A'Fri 23rd Nov 201819:40Division 1LV
Cheddleton 'F'1 - 3Newcastle 'F'Fri 23rd Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Meir 'A'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'C'Mon 26th Nov 201819:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'E'3½ - ½Meir 'B'Wed 28th Nov 201819:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'B'2½ - 2½Crewe 'A'Wed 28th Nov 201819:40Division 2LV
Stafford 'A'4 - -1Alsager 'B'Wed 28th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'E'2 - 2Crewe 'D'Wed 28th Nov 201819:40Division 4LV
Holmes Chapel 'A' 4½ - ½Fenton 'A'Thu 29th Nov 201819:40Division 1LV
Meir 'B'0 - 4Cheddleton 'H'Mon 3rd Dec 201819:40Division 5LV
Alsager 'A'1½ - 2½Meir 'A'Tue 4th Dec 201819:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'D'1½ - 2½Kidsgrove Wed 5th Dec 201819:40Division 4LV
Holmes Chapel Rooks1½ - 3½Fenton 'B'Thu 6th Dec 201819:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'E'2½ - 1½Stafford 'A'Fri 7th Dec 201819:40Division 4LV
Cheddleton 'G'2½ - 1½Newcastle 'F'Fri 7th Dec 201819:40Division 5LV
Meir 'C'2 - 2Cheddleton 'G'Mon 10th Dec 201819:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'A'2 - 3Newcastle 'A'Mon 10th Dec 201819:40Division 1LV
Kidsgrove 1½ - 2½Fenton 'C'Tue 11th Dec 201819:45Division 4LV
Stafford 'A'1½ - 2½Newcastle 'D'Wed 12th Dec 201819:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'B'3 - 1Alsager 'A'Wed 12th Dec 201819:40Division 3LV
Newcastle 'F'2 - 2Meir 'B'Wed 12th Dec 201819:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'C'2 - 2Newcastle 'C'Fri 14th Dec 201819:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'H'2½ - 1½Crewe 'E'Fri 14th Dec 201819:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'A'2 - 3Holmes Chapel 'A' Fri 14th Dec 201819:40Division 1LV
Stafford 'A'2 - 2Crewe 'D'Wed 2nd Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'E'2½ - 1½Fenton 'C'Wed 2nd Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'C'2½ - 1½Cheddleton 'C'Wed 2nd Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'D'1½ - 2½Crewe 'B'Fri 4th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'F'3 - 1Cheddleton 'G'Fri 4th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'B'2 - 3Crewe 'A'Mon 7th Jan 201919:40Division 2LV
Meir 'C'0 - 3Crewe 'E'Mon 7th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'E'2½ - 1½Stafford 'A'Wed 9th Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'B' ½ - 3½Crewe 'C'Wed 9th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'B'3½ - 1½Holmes Chapel RooksFri 11th Jan 201919:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'C'2½ - 1½Meir 'A'Fri 11th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'H'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'F'Fri 11th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Meir 'C'2½ - 1½Meir 'B'Mon 14th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Meir ‘C’ GF1 - 0Meir ‘B’ GFMon 14th Jan 201919:40Friendlies Appended To League/Cup MatchesLV
Alsager 'A' ½ - 3½Crewe 'B'Tue 15th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Newcastle 'D'2½ - 1½Newcastle 'E'Wed 16th Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'A'2½ - 2½Cheddleton 'B'Wed 16th Jan 201919:40Division 2LV
Stafford 'B'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'F'Wed 16th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'E'1½ - 2½Crewe 'F'Wed 16th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'G'0 - 4Cheddleton 'H'Fri 18th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Meir 'B'1½ - 2½Cheddleton 'G'Mon 21st Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Macclesfield 4 - 2Fenton Mon 21st Jan 201919:40Open CupLV
Alsager 'B'0 - 4Newcastle 'E'Tue 22nd Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'B'2 - 3Holmes Chapel RooksWed 23rd Jan 201919:40Division 2LV
Stafford 'B'3 - 1Meir 'C'Wed 23rd Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'E'3½ - ½Newcastle 'F'Wed 23rd Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'H'2½ - 1½Crewe 'F'Fri 25th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'D'1½ - 2½Cheddleton 'C'Fri 25th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'F'0 - 4Cheddleton 'H'Fri 25th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'C'1 - 3Crewe 'D'Mon 28th Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Meir 'A'1 - 3Newcastle 'C'Mon 28th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Newcastle 'D'3½ - ½Kidsgrove Wed 30th Jan 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'C'1½ - 2½Alsager 'A'Wed 30th Jan 201919:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'E'3½ - ½Stafford 'B'Wed 30th Jan 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'H'2½ - 1½Newcastle 'F'Fri 1st Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'F'0 - 4Meir 'C'Fri 1st Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'C'3 - 1Cheddleton 'D'Fri 1st Feb 201919:40Division 3LV
Meir 'A'2½ - 1½Cheddleton 'D'Mon 4th Feb 201919:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'D'2 - 2Newcastle 'E'Wed 6th Feb 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'A'3 - 2Newcastle 'B'Wed 6th Feb 201919:40Division 2LV
Holmes Chapel Rooks3 - 2Macclesfield Thu 7th Feb 201919:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'F'1½ - 2½Crewe 'E'Fri 8th Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'E'1½ - 2½Newcastle 'D'Fri 8th Feb 201919:40Division 4LV
Meir 'B'0 - 4Crewe 'E'Mon 11th Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'C'2 - 2Kidsgrove Mon 11th Feb 201919:40Division 4LV
Macclesfield 3 - 2Newcastle 'B'Mon 11th Feb 201919:40Division 2LV
Crewe 'B'2 - 2Newcastle 'C'Wed 13th Feb 201919:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'F'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'F'Wed 13th Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'D'3 - 1Crewe 'C'Fri 15th Feb 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'C'3 - 1Alsager 'A'Fri 15th Feb 201919:40Division 3LV
Meir 'C'2½ - 1½Crewe 'F'Mon 18th Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle2½ - 2½CheddletonWed 20th Feb 201919:40Intermediate CupLV
Crewe 4 - 1Stafford Wed 20th Feb 201919:40Intermediate CupLV
Crewe GF1 - 4MadeleyWed 20th Feb 201919:40Club FriendliesLV
Cheddleton 'G'1½ - 2½Crewe 'E'Fri 22nd Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'F'1½ - 2½Meir 'B'Fri 22nd Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 4 - 2Holmes Chapel Fri 22nd Feb 201919:40Open CupLV
Meir 'C'1½ - 2½Newcastle 'F'Mon 25th Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Alsager 'B'2 - 2Stafford 'A'Tue 26th Feb 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'C'2½ - 1½Meir 'A'Wed 27th Feb 201919:40Division 3LV
Stafford 'B'2 - 2Cheddleton 'G'Wed 27th Feb 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'E'1½ - 2½Cheddleton 'E'Wed 27th Feb 201919:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'D'3 - 1Crewe 'D'Wed 27th Feb 201919:40Division 4LV
Madeley1½ - 3½Fenton GFWed 27th Feb 201919:40Club FriendliesLV
Holmes Chapel 'A' 4½ - ½Newcastle 'A'Thu 28th Feb 201919:40Division 1LV
Cheddleton 'C'1½ - 2½Crewe 'B'Fri 1st Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'A'2½ - 2½Fenton 'A'Fri 1st Mar 201919:40Division 1LV
Macclesfield 3 - 2Crewe 'A'Mon 4th Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Fenton 'B'3 - 2Holmes Chapel RooksMon 4th Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Alsager 'A'2 - 2Cheddleton 'D'Tue 5th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Newcastle 'C'1 - 3Cheddleton 'C'Wed 6th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'B'2½ - 1½Meir 'A'Wed 6th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Stafford 'B'1½ - 2½Crewe 'F'Wed 6th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'E'2½ - 1½Kidsgrove Wed 6th Mar 201919:40Division 4LV
Holmes Chapel 'A' 2 - 3Cheddleton 'A'Thu 7th Mar 201919:40Division 1LV
Cheddleton 'G'1 - 3Meir 'C'Fri 8th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Meir 'C'2½ - 1½Stafford 'B'Mon 11th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Kidsgrove 1½ - 2½Crewe 'D'Tue 12th Mar 201919:45Division 4LV
Newcastle 'F'2½ - 1½Crewe 'F'Wed 13th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'B'2 - 3Macclesfield Wed 13th Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Crewe 5 - 0Fenton Wed 13th Mar 201919:00Major CupLV
Holmes Chapel Rooks2 - 3Cheddleton 'B'Thu 14th Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'C'1½ - 2½Crewe 'C'Fri 15th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'H'2 - 2Meir 'B'Fri 15th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'B'3½ - 1½Fenton 'B'Fri 15th Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Meir 5 - 0NewcastleMon 18th Mar 201919:40Major CupLV
Crewe 'D'3 - 1Cheddleton 'E'Tue 19th Mar 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'A'5 - 0Fenton 'B'Wed 20th Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Crewe Perry 'B'1½ - 2½NewcastleWed 20th Mar 201919:40Perry TrophyLV
Crewe Perry 'A'4 - 0CheddletonWed 20th Mar 201919:40Perry TrophyLV
Newcastle 'C'2½ - 1½Alsager 'A'Wed 20th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'B'2½ - 2½Newcastle 'B'Fri 22nd Mar 201919:40Division 2LV
Meir 'B'0 - 4Newcastle 'F'Mon 25th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'A'3 - 2Holmes Chapel 'A' Mon 25th Mar 201919:40Division 1LV
Alsager 'A'1 - 3Newcastle 'C'Tue 26th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'F'3 - 1Cheddleton 'H'Wed 27th Mar 201919:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'B'1½ - 2½Cheddleton 'C'Wed 27th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Newcastle 'A'2 - 3Cheddleton 'A'Wed 27th Mar 201919:40Division 1LV
Newcastle 'D'2 - 2Stafford 'A'Wed 27th Mar 201919:40Division 4LV
Cheddleton 'D'2½ - 1½Meir 'A'Fri 29th Mar 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'E' ½ - 3½Alsager 'B'Fri 29th Mar 201919:40Division 4LV
Meir 'A'1½ - 2½Alsager 'A'Mon 1st Apr 201919:40Division 3LV
Macclesfield 4 - 1Fenton 'B'Mon 1st Apr 201919:40Division 2LV
Kidsgrove 3½ - ½Stafford 'A'Tue 2nd Apr 201919:45Division 4LV
Alsager 'B'2½ - 1½Fenton 'C'Tue 2nd Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'B'3 - 2Cheddleton 'B'Wed 3rd Apr 201919:40Division 2LV
Crewe 'F'0 - 4Newcastle 'F'Wed 3rd Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Crewe 'E'3½ - ½Cheddleton 'F'Wed 3rd Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Holmes Chapel Rooks2 - 3Crewe 'A'Thu 4th Apr 201919:40Division 2LV
Holmes Chapel GF ½ - ½Crewe GFThu 4th Apr 201919:40Friendlies Appended To League/Cup MatchesLV
Cheddleton 'H'4 - 0Stafford 'B'Fri 5th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Cheddleton 'G'3½ - ½Meir 'B'Fri 5th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'B'2½ - 2½Newcastle 'B'Mon 8th Apr 201919:40Division 2LV
Meir 'C'3 - 1Cheddleton 'H'Mon 8th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Macclesfield ½ - 5½Cheddleton Mon 8th Apr 201919:40Open CupLV
Kidsgrove 1 - 3Cheddleton 'E'Tue 9th Apr 201919:45Division 4LV
Alsager 'B'0 - 3Newcastle 'D'Tue 9th Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'D'1½ - 2½Stafford 'A'Wed 10th Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'F'1½ - 2½Cheddleton 'G'Wed 10th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'C'1 - 3Crewe 'C'Wed 10th Apr 201919:40Division 3LV
Cheddleton 'B'2½ - 2½Macclesfield Fri 12th Apr 201919:40Division 2LV
Cheddleton 'F'1½ - 2½Crewe 'F'Fri 12th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Fenton 'C'1½ - 2½Newcastle 'E'Mon 15th Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Meir 'B'2 - 0Stafford 'B'Mon 15th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Kidsgrove ½ - 3½Newcastle 'D'Tue 16th Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Stafford 'A'3 - 1Cheddleton 'E'Wed 17th Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Crewe 'D'2 - 2Alsager 'B'Wed 17th Apr 201919:40Division 4LV
Newcastle 'F'1 - 3Meir 'C'Wed 17th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Newcastle 'C'2 - 2Cheddleton 'D'Wed 17th Apr 201919:40Division 3LV
Crewe 'F'0 - 4Cheddleton 'G'Wed 17th Apr 201919:40Division 5LV
Stafford 'B'0 - 0Crewe 'E'Wed 24th Apr 201919:40Division 5OU
Crewe 'F'0 - 0Meir 'B'Wed 24th Apr 201919:40Division 5OU
Newcastle 'D'0 - 0Alsager 'B'Wed 24th Apr 201919:40Division 4OU
Cheddleton 'E'0 - 0Fenton 'C'Fri 26th Apr 201919:40Division 4OU
Crewe 0 - 0CheddletonWed 1st May 201919:40Intermediate CupOU
Newcastle 'A'0 - 0Fenton 'A'Wed 1st May 201919:40Division 1OU
Crewe Perry 'A'0 - 0NewcastleWed 1st May 201919:40Perry TrophyOU
Crewe 0 - 0Meir Wed 1st May 201919:40Major CupOU
Stafford 'A'0 - 0Fenton 'C'Wed 1st May 201919:40Division 4OU
Newcastle 'F'0 - 0Cheddleton 'F'Fri 3rd May 201919:40Division 5OU
Cheddleton 'E'0 - 0Kidsgrove Fri 3rd May 201919:40Division 4OU
Crewe 'E'0 - 0Cheddleton 'H'Wed 8th May 201919:40Division 5OU
Fenton 'C'0 - 0Newcastle 'D'Mon 13th May 201919:40Division 4OU
Fenton GF0 - 0MadeleyMon 13th May 201919:40Club FriendliesOU
Newcastle 'F'0 - 0Stafford 'B'Wed 15th May 201919:40Division 5OU
Newcastle 'E'0 - 0Alsager 'B'Wed 15th May 201919:40Division 4OU
Stafford 'A'0 - 0Newcastle 'E'Wed 22nd May 201919:40Division 4OU
Status O/L=Open For Edit/Locked, V/U=Verified/Un-verified