David JW Smith

Games (Standard Rate)

Kerry KyriacouW90Weston Bishops v Wellington Division 3 WestSomerset League
David J WoodD85Weston Knights v Wellington Division 3 WestSomerset League
Barry ThornleyL112Wellington v GlastonburyDivision 3 WestSomerset League
Adrian AdamiecW93Round 6Wellington Club ITSomerset League
Robert D HarrisL100Round 11Wellington Club ITSomerset League
Rupert SellsW86Round 13Wellington Club ITSomerset League
Adrian N WalkerL141Round 14Wellington Club ITSomerset League
John JeremiahL108Round 17Wellington Club ITSomerset League
Gregor FotheringhamL122Round 19Wellington Club ITSomerset League
Current Grade = 82, Estimated performance on these games = 90.9. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!