Welcome to the Staffordshire County Cups results page.

We will be using the ECF League Management System in 2017/2018 to record all of the County Cup results. We will also use the grading facility in the system to submit all matches to the ECF for grading.

The Staffordshire Chess Association run 4 Cup competitions as follows :

Hickman (Open) Cup - played over 6 boards
Gothard (U161) Cup - played over 4 boards
Jackson (U141) Cup - played over 4 boards
Withnall (U121) Trophy - played over 4 boards

The rules of the competitions can be found here - https://goo.gl/mdVqp1

The County Cups website can be found here - https://goo.gl/Mg4F9S

A list of current entries, including contact names/email addresses/tel nos, can be found here - https://goo.gl/icdWPr

Steve Emmerton
County Tournament Secretary

Email : steve.emmerton@btinternet.com

Tel : 01283 517569 or 07850 185536

Latest Results

Stafford  2 - 2  Meir  Thu 12th Apr 2018
Meir win on board count and will now play either Lichfield or Cheddleton in the Final on t
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Fenton  1½ - 2½  Newcastle  Mon 9th Apr 2018
Newcastle are through to the Withnall Trophy Final following last night's win at Fenton. T
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Rugeley  1 - 3  Meir  Tue 6th Mar 2018
Meir will now be away against Stafford in the Semi-Final
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Walsall Kipping  3 - 1  Stafford  Thu 15th Feb 2018
Hi Steve, I fully agree with the result submitted by Peter Evans. ( I have just logged o
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