This is the LMS home page for the West Midlands Area Online League.

League fixtures are played on between clubs in the Birmingham, Worcester, Worcester and District, Leamington, Coventry and other regional Leagues.

The league home page can be found here:

Our first Spring league ran between April and June 2020 and we are now running a Summer League starting between August and October.

The league has two divisions. Fixtures are set up in LMS which also provides the league tables. League matches are held on Thursday evenings on using team matches or individual challenges with two games at 15|10 for each board. Results are reported in LMS with league tables published for the two divisions.

The current plan is for two teams to be promoted from Div 2 to Div 1 and one team relegated from Div 1 to Div 2 at the end of the Spring Competition.

Teams and captains are as follows:

Div 1
South Birmingham 1 Tim Lane/ John Pitcher
Sutton Coldfield 1 Neil Owen
Solihull 1 Julian Summerfield
Redditch Nigel Towers
Worcester 1 Ray Collett, Rob Sutton
Greenlands 1 Stephen Woodhouse
Warwick University Alumni Jack Huffer
South Birmingham 2 Matt Little
Div 2
Sutton Coldfield 2 Neil Owen
Lichfield Brian Homewood/ Sam Skinner
Coventry Chess Ed Goodwin
Mutual Circle Chris Evans
Stourbridge Julie Wilson/ Colin Woodall
Worcester 2 Rob Sutton
Solihull 2 Julian Summerfield
Greenlands 2 Joe Dance
Isle of Wight John Wrench
Kidderminster David Waud

Latest Results

Stourbridge 2  4½ - 3½  Mutual Circle  Thu 18th Jun 2020
Mutual's 'not so new' player on Board 3 was Oluwole Ogeleye. A 5th board was also play
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Mutual Circle  3 - 5  Solihull 2  Thu 25th Jun 2020
Mutual Board 3 Ouwoho Ogeleye
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Mutual Circle  5½ - 2½  Coventry Chess  Thu 4th Jun 2020
Mutual's 'not so new' player on Board 3 was Oluwole Ogeleye. I am not sure whether Covent
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Stourbridge 1  4 - 4  Mutual Circle  Thu 28th May 2020
'New Player' for Mutual was Oluwole Ogeleye. Nigel please add to Mutual's list. He is a
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