Ringwood A v New Milton A

B&DCL Div 2 Mon 4th Feb 2019
BoardHomeRingwood ANew Milton AAway
1 (B) 192A
Anderson, Peter W
0 - 1
Du Toit, Reenen J
2 (W) 152A
Clancy, Martin J
1 - 0
Bradley-Brock, David
3 (B) 152C
Woodger, Niall
1 - 0
Manning, Peter A
4 (W) 132A
Davenport, Robert
1 - 0
Jolly, Barry MS
Total6283 - 1Total601

Last update Niall Woodger Mon 4th Feb 2019 22:48. Reported by Niall Woodger . Verified By Barry Jolly


The return match between the two sides, with the first having taken place a mere 6 days beforehand. The teams were the same, with the sole difference being that Rob Davenport returned for Ringwood on board 4.

Speaking of Rob, his game with Barry Jolly was the first to finish. In a position with even material, and not much to choose between the two, Barry unfortunately left a rook en-prise and with no counter-play that was that. An important confidence boosting point for Ringwood on the scoreboard.

On board 1, an intriguing game took place. Reneen had done his homework, analysing Peter's past games, and this paid dividends as he took the upper hand in quite an open, complicated position. In the end, his initiative won through and Peter was full of praise for his opponent's play. 1-1 overall.

On boards 2 and 3, Ringwood seemed to have the upper hand and in the end this proved to be true. Martin seemed to put his opponent under all sorts of pressure with pins left right and centre. In the end, his opponent resigned after struggling on to the near bitter end with mate eventually inevitable. On board 3, after some research of my own on what I might play with black (thank you random YouTube video), I too was able to win through to my opponent's king and the game finished with mate to come on the next move.

All an all, an important week for Ringwood, hopefully turning around our fortunes for the remainder of the season after a shaky start.

A very fair account of a good match.