Test League has been created as an example organisation to show what the LMS can do. The organisation contains:

  • A league with 2 divisions
  • A knockout cup
  • A division from the Birmingham Summer League which has some special requirements.
  • A club championship (A swiss). It uses one of the club player lists
  • An individual all play all event. Rather than using a club player list, this event uses a separate list.
  • An unstructured individual event. This is for an event where someone just gave you a set of results to grade but not in any sensible format, or a tournament that doesn't fit into the above 2 types, for example a knockout where players play 2 games against each other. There is no difference entering results, it just doesn't attempt to draw any sort of table.

If you wan to set up some text list this for your league organisation, see http://ecflms.org.uk/lms/help/league_ecf/admin?popup=1

Latest Results

Morecambe 2  2½ - 2½  Preston 2  Tue 4th Apr 2017
New Player for Preston 2 is John Smith, never been graded before
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Preston 1  2½ - ½  Morecambe 1  Wed 20th Dec 2017
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Preston 1  1½ - 1½  Morecambe 3  Wed 20th Dec 2017
New is JHohn smith not graded
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Warley Quinborne 1  2 - 1  Morecambe 1  Fri 11th Nov 2016
New player is jonh smith not graded. Adjournments mantch.
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