Briant Poulter (Surrey Schools) League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Naavya SharmaHampton School2982221
Yangzi TjoeHampton School3080144
Bjorn MadsenReigate GS3046341
G Nicolas CaseroReigate GS3064401
William J AinsworthReigate GS3069431
M Rohaan ShahidReigate GS3081001
Cheuk Nam WongSutton Grammar School2852061
Joel AverbukhSutton Grammar School2874302
Anish GroverKings College School (Wimbledon)2969272
Zack ForemanSutton Grammar School3276034
Jun GuoSutton Grammar School3276054
Aditya SanyalSutton Grammar School3213564
Kailash RowsonWhitgift School3256234
Elan De AlmeidaWhitgift School3231161
Wei-Shun PhamWhitgift School3190935
Soham SudSutton Grammar School3286242
Sam FawcettRGS Guildford3137922
Alex JacksonRGS Guildford3223572
Mattia BerchicciKings College School (Wimbledon)3286071
Ronit RajHampton School3045514
Alexei SemikhodskiRGS Guildford3284004
Shane KarunakaranHampton School3091564
Rohit LallSutton Grammar School1
Jonathan PiresSutton Grammar School2
Bowen ChenSutton Grammar School324553 4
Parthiv DeySutton Grammar School344098 4
Shourya PatreRGS Guildford3154374
Siddarth SrivastavHampton School04
Kai LamWhitgift School2840964
Louis BoonWhitgift School02
Toby EavesSutton Grammar School3152874
Marton GyorgySutton Grammar School3440954
Luka PretoriusRGS Guildford02
Lucian NaWhitgift School04
Carter JohnsonReigate GS01
Wajd NasserSutton Grammar School344099 2
Aeri LauSutton Grammar School02
Sourjayan DattaSutton Grammar School02
Yuvan ChikkaSutton Grammar School02
Zaid AhmedHampton School3118041
Dev AtaraRGS Guildford2846731
Matthew GrayRGS Guildford2913581
Luke GalpinRGS Guildford3090951
Riyaaz KhanHampton School2972471
Tommy SkeffingtonHampton School3152782
Joe TurtonHampton School3117432
Joseph RyanRGS Guildford3283993
Umun AtaraRGS Guildford3045753
Yuvan RajaRGS Guildford3100592
Marcus ShieldsRGS Guildford02
Ethan RebelloSutton Grammar School3440942
Tom DavidgeSutton Grammar School3440962
Roy YunsWhitgift School02
Paul AouwanWhitgift School02
Charles Dubois-VeltmanHampton School299481 1
Anirudh ShidlagattaHampton School302889 1
Prabodha AriyatneHampton School01

Based on membership list date Fri 28th January 2022 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.