Team Captains

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Bournemouth ADCL Div 2John Torrance***************
Bournemouth AB&DCL Div 2John Torrance***************
Bournemouth BB&DCL Div 3Joe Fearnhead***************
Bournemouth CB&DCL Div 4Paul Errington***************
Bournemouth PretendersBacchusPaul Errington***************
Dorchester ADCL Div 1David Hardie***************
Dorchester BDCL Div 2David Aldwinckle***************
Dorchester CDCL Div 3Chris Webb***************
Highcliffe AB&DCL Div 1Adam Ursell***************
Highcliffe ADCL Div 1Richard Ursell***************
Highcliffe BB&DCL Div 3Richard Ursell***************
Highcliffe CB&DCL Div 4Andrew Manson***************
Highcliffe CastlesBacchusRichard Ursell***************
New Milton AB&DCL Div 1David Bradley-Brock***************
New Milton BB&DCL Div 3Tim Jones***************
Poole AB&DCL Div 1Ciprian Stanciu***************
Poole ADCL Div 1David M Fuller***************
Poole BB&DCL Div 2David M Fuller***************
Poole BDCL Div 3eric sachs***************
Poole BishopsBacchuseric sachs***************
Poole CB&DCL Div 3Tarik Reghif***************
Poole DB&DCL Div 4Joe Wood***************
RingwoodDCL Div 2Martin Joseph Clancy***************
Ringwood AB&DCL Div 1Rob Davenport***************
Southbourne AB&DCL Div 1Martin J Simons***************
Southbourne BB&DCL Div 2Brian Curran***************
Southbourne CB&DCL Div 3John Harris***************
Southbourne DB&DCL Div 4Chris***************
Southbourne SeagullsBacchusNikki Forster***************
Weymouth ADCL Div 1Allan Pleasants***************
Wimborne ADCL Div 1Ian Clark***************
Wimborne AB&DCL Div 1Ian Clark***************
Wimborne BB&DCL Div 2Mike Jackson***************
Wimborne BDCL Div 3Mike Davidson***************
Wimborne CB&DCL Div 3John Richard Bowley***************
Wimborne DB&DCL Div 4Gregory C Webb***************