Leeds Chess Association - New Players

These players have no ECF code specified, or the ECF code they have is not valid (possibly it has changed). Pick to search for them in the ECF list

NameECF CodePlayer List
Paul RegulskiAlwoodley
Richard GrationAlwoodley
Robin SarsfieldAlwoodley
Ruth SarsfieldAlwoodley
Mindaugas VidmantasLimewood & Scarcroft
Lewis Carroll0Limewood & Scarcroft
Alec Marley0Limewood & Scarcroft
Thomas WoodRose Forgrove
Orrie AppellRose Forgrove
Anchit VirmaniRose Forgrove
Callum Bentley Ellis0Rose Forgrove
Ben Horspool0Rose Forgrove
Edward WilliamsLeeds University
Devid FerriLeeds University
Guang BaiLeeds University
Aidan CoullLeeds University
Laus JorgensenLeeds University
Ben HortonLeeds University
Alex MorrisLeeds University
Jonathan FigyLeeds University
James DavidsonLeeds University
Joel KloLeeds University
Hector CruañesLeeds University
Luke AmosLeeds University
Amin AtashgaranLeeds University
Muhammad HasanLeeds University
Eduards MazmacsLeeds University
Giovanni SoldàLeeds University
Marcus SinclairLeeds University
Barnaby Mackay-Howse0Leeds University
Rahul Doshi0Leeds University
Sam Hattersley0Leeds University
Z Henryk317005West Leeds
Oliver WelshPudsey
Mark WoolleyYorks Copper Works
Liam LutyYorks Copper Works
Tim Wall316999Leeds CCCC
Jonathan Fallman317041Leeds CCCC
Leeds CCCC
Martin KrejciLeeds CCCC
Josh Shoot0Leeds CCCC
Z Henryk317005All LCA
Tim Wall316999All LCA
Jonathan Fallman317041All LCA
Richard GrationAll LCA
Thomas WoodAll LCA
Oliver DickinsonAll LCA
David HItchmanAll LCA
Anchit VirmaniAll LCA
Kieran Dickson0Harrogate
David Hitchman
Ernest Karamuzondo0