Events are grouped into seasons. Seasons can be modified using the
Admin/Season tab.

Creating a new season

A new empty season can be created using the Add Season link.

A previous season can be copied which saves time. Select the existing season, for example 2017 and press Copy. For each event with 2017 as its season a new event will be created with the same settings but with the season set to 2018. Season 2018 will be set active and 2017 old.

You can then use the Team Order button. (see below)

Modifying a Season

Select season from the list. The settings are:

  • Season Name - The name given to this season which is displayed on the left.
  • Season Order - determines the order the seasons on the left are listed.
  • Season Status:
    • New - Events in the season don't appear on the left hand side. This is so
      the administrator can created seasons and set things up without making them
    • Active - A normal season
    • Old - This season only appears in the Previous seasons option

The buttons are:

  • Save
    Saves the modified settings
  • Copy
    The purpose of this button is to clone the previous season to create a new season. This will copy all events and teams from the previous season to the new season.
  • Delete
    This button can delete all the events for a season if Copy was done in error. Events can't be deleted once they have match results.
  • Team Order This button displays a new screen which allows teams to be moved between events by dragging and dropping. The idea is it would be done after creating a new season for promotion and relegation of teams.