Clitheroe Chess Club

Venue: Swan and Royal Hotel, 26 Castle St, Clitheroe, BB7 2BX


Park on Lowergate (as for the Catholic Club). Walk through on right hand
corner behind M&Co.

Meeting night: Tuesday

Contact: Club Secretary, Karl Barnsley
Tel: 07767 886145


Eric Mansfield, Oakenfields, Edisford Rd, Waddington, BB7 3LB

Tel: 01200 423364, Mob: 0759 832 2673


A Team Captain: David Talbot

Tel: 07716423854


B Team Captain: John Moxham, 111 Kemple View, Clitheroe, BB7 2QJ

Tel: 01200 442529

Mob: 0796 764 0670


East Lancashire Chess Association

Nominated players 2019-20

Burnley Chess Club
H Hughes and A Clarkson cannot play for Burnley B and C
M Conroy and S Riley cannot play for Burnley C

Clitheroe Chess Club
D Talbot and P Titterington cannot play for Clitheroe B

Crusaders Blackburn Chess Club
C Routlidge and J Schofield cannot play for Cru. Bla. B, C or D
J Whitfield and P Taylor cannot play for Cru.Bla. C and D
D Gaston and A Peters cannot play for Cru.Bla. D

Great Harwood Chess Club
M Hamer and S Horrocks cannot play for Great Harwood B

Heywood Chess Club
N Jayawarna and J Carrington cannot play for Heywood B

Rossendale Chess Club
P Mulleady and S Ward cannot play for Rossendale B

ECF Club Code:
Clitheroe (7CLI)
John Moxham (jmoxham)
Phil Titterington (ptitterington)

ECF Club Code: 
Clitheroe (7CLI) (Club)
OwnersDavid Talbot(dtalbot), John Moxham(jmoxham)
Venue Match Limit: