League Teams Knock Out - Player Stats

NameTeamScoreNumber of GamesPercentagesort descending
Ansell, Simon T Eagle and Child 111100
Anderson, Paul W Eagle and Child 111100
Conyers-Kelly, Toby Terriers 222100
Millar, Camas A York University Knights11100
Palliser, Richard JD Eagle and Child 111100
May, Paul Wetherby11100
Tse, Kai York University Bishops11100
Brodie, Eric J Acomb WM Club Thursday22100
Duggan, Christopher Terriers 122100
Dixon, Simon Scarborough B487.5
Weller, Colin Scarborough B383.33
Jackson, Michael Acomb WM Club 1275
Harrington, Peter R Acomb WM Club 1275
Townsend, M Paul Eagle and Child 2275
White, Mark W Eagle and Child 1275
Griffith, A Jon Eagle and Child 2275
Maltby, RA (Bob) Acomb WM Club Thursday2366.67
Slinger, AJ (Tony) Terriers 12366.67
Moneagle, Robert Acomb WM Club Thursday2366.67
Barber, Paul M Terriers 12366.67
Hodge, Steve R Terriers 12366.67
Yates, Nigel Scarborough B2366.67
Kirby, G Malcolm Scarborough B462.5
Lockwood, Herbert Acomb WM Club Tuesday ½150
Andrews, Norman G Terriers 21250
Cawston, M John Terriers 1 ½150
Stewart, T Noel York RI Cavaliers ½150
Cooper, Stephen R Acomb WM Club Tuesday ½150
Marshall, Barry York RI Cavaliers ½150
Staples, Daniel J York RI Cavaliers ½150
Foo, John Terriers 21250
Vleeshhoower, Douglas, D Terriers 1 ½150
Key, Eric A Acomb WM Club Thursday1250
Brencher, Paul Acomb WM Club 1 ½150
Kendall, Paul SN Terriers 1 ½150
Sriharan, Sri Acomb WM Club Thursday1250
Randall, Kieran York University Bishops ½150
Plaxton, Kevin York RI Kings ½150
Howell, Matthew G York University Bishops ½150
Carpenter, James M Eagle and Child 21250
Pickering, Andy Eagle and Child 21250
Wells, Leslie Scarborough Castles ½150
Halpin, David Wetherby ½150
Hewes, Ralph M York RI Kings ½150
Ismail, Adam Eagle and Child 11250
Chester, Simon Scarborough B1333.33
Barker, Arron Acomb WM Club 1 ½225
Cowan, Richard M Acomb WM Club 1 ½225
Monteiro, Paulo Eagle and Child 1 ½225
Herman, Thomas Eagle and Child 2 ½225
Watson, Sam Terriers 2 ½225
Pearce, Neville R Terriers 1010
Jones, Paul W York RI Kings010
Whitehead, Steve Eagle and Child 1010
Knowles, John Terriers 2010
Cloudsdale, Peter York RI Kings010
Cooper, Gavyn Acomb WM Club 1010
Clayton, Ashley York University Knights010
Livingstone, Cassius York University Knights010
Taylor, A Scarborough B010
Sheldrick, Frank T Wetherby010
Mackney, Andrew York University Knights010
Simpson, Ben York University Knights010
Hanover, David Acomb WM Club Tuesday010
Carrigan, Ian Wetherby010
Acton, Stuart R Acomb WM Club Tuesday010
Carrigan, Michael Wetherby010
Jarmany, John Scarborough Castles010
Garcia-Padilla, Eduardo York University Bishops010
Hardy, Richard D York RI Cavaliers010
Carr, Ashley Acomb WM Club Thursday020
Allis, Richard York RI Cavaliers010
Johnson, Paul A York RI Kings010