League Table

Cup and Plate

Division 2

York University Bishops15111360½29½23
Wetherby 115111353½36½23
York RI Chessnuts1791757½44½19
Ye Olde Starre Inne 21464443½40½16
Scarborough B14635394015
Acomb Thursday16619465013
York RI Super Knights14455334913
York University Knights841322259
Acomb Tuesday16321137588
Wetherby 215211234535

Division 1

Acomb WM Club 110631382215
Eagle and Child 21153333½32½13
Scarborough Castles1052333½24½12
Ye Olde Starre Inne 11134431½34½10
Eagle and Child 1832323258
York RI Kings921624285
York RI Cavaliers913518½35½5