St Georges v Greenlands

Division Six Mon 15th Oct 2018
BoardHomeSt Georges GreenlandsAway
1 (W) 133C (127C)
Tallis, Mark E
½ - ½
Crees, Steve
098D (127C)
2 (B) 120B (119C)
Lunn, John
0 - 1
Allsop, Brian
094C (89B)
3 (W) 119C (113C)
Gough, Roy T
½ - ½
Bignall, Paul
064L (80D)
4 (B) 117B (124C)
Johnson, Lennie
1 - 0
Rowe, Matt
000 (69F)
Total4892 - 2Total256

Last update T Benson (BDCL Records) Fri 19th Oct 2018 16:05. Reported by Paul SPIKE Bignall . Verified By T Benson (BDCL Records)


St Georges small friendly club, made the Greenlands team very welcome on a cold damp night. Greenlands came away happy with the result.

screes's picture

I'd like to echo Spike's comment. It was an enjoyable evening. We made some new friends! Roy Gough is doing a great job holding the club together. 40 years ago Roy knocked on my door wondering why I had stopped attending Lucas Chess Club; the forerunner to St. George's. I can only offer my best wishes to Roy and to St. George's in the hope they will bounce back from their current circumstances. However; this was a fantastic result for Greenlands Chess Club considering we were massively out-graded.

Verified by T Lunn St Georges via Ecard 18 October 2018