Millar Cup

The cup presented to Margate Chess Club by their President Mr Millar J.P. in 1946 “The Millar Cup” was to be played for by the Chess Clubs of Thanet. Initially the Margate Club ran the competition, forming a "Millar Cup Committee" for this purpose. The first AGM minutes we now hold are from Tuesday September 11th, 1951, which indicate Mr Barron of the Margate Chess Club was both the Secretary and Treasurer in 1950. Present at this AGM was Mr Gadsden also of Margate and Mr Forster of Broadstairs. Mr Gadsdon had previously been Treasurer on the committee for the Margate Easter Congress of 1938.

At The AGM Mr Barron retired as Secretary and was replaced by Mr Forster. New rules (1-25) were proposed of which the first two are quoted here, as they appear to link the "Millar Cup Committee" to the "Thanet Chess League".

1. The League shall be called the Thanet Chess League
2. The object of the League shall be to organise a competition between the Chess Clubs in Thanet. The cup presented by Mr Millar, J.P., and known as the Millar Cup, shall be held for one year by the club heading the League at the end of each season.

From the 1952 minutes it would appear that once again the duties of Treasurer were taken on by the Secretary Mr Forster.

The Thanet Chess League changed its name to the Thanet and East Kent Chess League at the 2015 AGM.

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Team League
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ECF Standard (August)
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Count as their grade
2019 Season
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League table treats fixture as 1 match
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