Fenton 'B' v Alsager 'A'

Division 3 Mon 11th Dec 2017
BoardHomeFenton 'B'Alsager 'A'Away
1 (B) 148B (128C)
Valentine, Glyn D
1 - 0
Thomason, Alan E
148B (137E)
2 (W) 127A (125A)
Emmerton, Stephen J
1 - 0
Brown, Stephen A
130C ()
3 (B) 124E ()
Launay, Maximilien
1 - 0
Smith, John HM
131L (118C)
4 (W) 110L (109C)
Cross, Grenville
1 - 0(def)
105* ()
Total5094 - 0Total514

Last update Steve Emmerton Sat 16th Dec 2017 02:55. Reported by Steve Emmerton . Verified By Alan Thomason


stalag45's picture

A 3 man Alsager 'A' team went down 4-0 at Fenton 'B' last night. 4-0 was probably a bit flattering to Fenton as Alsager should really have won the game on board 1. Alan Thomason's game looked like it should have played itself, with Glyn Valentine in time trouble and under a lot of pressure, but Alan inexplicably lost his way to let Glyn back in the game. A Rook sacrifice turned out to be unsound and Glyn went into an endgame the exchange and a pawn up. A series of straightforward moves clawed back some of his time and with a Knight about to drop, and Glyn with a pawn on the seventh rank, supported by another on the 6th, Alan resigned and is probably still kicking himself.

Well described Steve I would only add that I overestimated my position and convinced myself of many different ways to win. well played Fenton