Poole C v Bournemouth B

B&DCL Div 3 Wed 11th May 2022
BoardHomePoole CBournemouth BAway
1 (B) 1698
Joyce, Tim
0 - 1
Bolton, Stephen
2 (W) 1705
Fox, Simon
0 - 1
Mostardi, Paolo
3 (B) 1683
Rutter, Mike
0 - 1
Miles, Daniel
4 (W) 1668
Jaggard, Adam
1 - 0
Willington, Robert M
Total67541 - 3Total6738

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Well done to Bournemouth on winning the match and to Highcliffe for winning the league!

Mike lost his queen leading to an inevitable demise, but with some counter play.

Adam struck back with a win pawn end game.

Simon looked level until the pieces were swapped off and the split pawn suffered with a pawn majority letting a pawn through with the king caught in the middle of the board trying to protect on 3 fronts.

Tim was playing an epic game that seemed to be mostly played on increments and for the entertainment of the onlookers and live streaming audience (seriously). Tim was an exchange up but was under a lot of pressure from a pawn threatening to queen. Eventually his flag fell as did the match.

Fantastic play from each and every one of the Bournemouth players, thank you Daniel for being patient with our new venue and searching for the right date.

A huge thank you to all players who supported Poole C throughout the season.

Congratulations to Highcliffe who are well deserved winners of the league.