Southbourne A v New Milton A

B&DCL Div 1 Fri 15th Oct 2021
BoardHomeSouthbourne ANew Milton AAway
1 (B) 2005
Pegg, Russell M
½ - ½
Bradley-Brock, David
2 (W) 1968
Laker, Leonard J
1 - 0
Du Toit, Reenen J
3 (B) 1863
Catchpole, Jon F
½ - ½
Manning, Peter A
4 (W) 1672
Doyle, Jamie
1 - 0
Jones, Tim
Total75083 - 1Total7257

Last update Martin J Simons Fri 15th Oct 2021 23:23. Reported by Martin J Simons Fri 15th Oct 2021 23:23. Verified By David Bradley-Brock Sat 16th Oct 2021 10:36


A good match.

1st game to finish was on board 4 when Jamie neatly sacrificed his queen to win it back with interest. On board 3 Jon appeared to have a slight initiative but this soon dissipated and a draw was agreed. On board 2, Reenen may have had a slight advantage but his central pawns soon became locked and Len seized the initiative although Reenen unfortunately blundered in the final position when quite a bit worse. The top board was probably the most entertaining and last to finish. Russell appeared to be a safe pawn up but David always had good chances and started to create chances around Russells' king. In the end David settled for a perpetual.

We would like to thank the New Milton team players for playing their part in an interesting match played in a good spirit.

Thankyou to southbourne for last nights match played in good spirit and overall a well deserved win by them. I was hoping that. Reenan could get a draw which would have left me to win my game to draw the match. However Reenan went wrong near the end and even if I had won we would have lost the match still. So as there was a lot of play in my game I eventually decided to take the draw and thanks to Russell for a good game.