Updates August 1st 2021

  • Resubmit button works for online ratings as well as OTB and can be used at any time not just when there has been an error.
  • Show the new otb ratings on club player lists, not the old 3 digit grades.
  • Rename the rating based on games in July to be called August rating for consistency with the rating system.
  • The supported otb ratings are now August 1st (based on games up to July), September 1st (based on games up to August) and live (based on all rated games received).
  • Results sent to the rating system 4 times per month instead of one, on 7th, 14th, 21st and 29th of the month.
  • Bug fix - stop zero rapid ratings caused due to expanded domains.
  • Online games are now being submitted for rating via the OTB system so that the graded games column in the Auto Grading report will show the number of games that the rating system has.