Ivan Gromov Online Schools Chess League - Games By Non-ECF Members

OTB Games played in active seasons by players who are not ECF members or whose membership expires before June 30th or the game was played after their membership expired. Note that although not members now, they could have been members when the games were played.

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of gamesReason
Sergey KorshunovWoodbridge School08Non Member
Nikolai SolodkhoWoodbridge School08Non Member
Adam BisbyDronfield Henry Fanshawe School3462148Non Member
Jack MaEton College310537400898Expiry before June 30th
Ernest RobinsonTiffin School07Non Member
Valentine FikhterAltrincham Grammar School340619261517Non Member
Sherwin WangTonbridge School07Non Member
Oscar WestbyDronfield Henry Fanshawe School3462137Non Member
Christopher StorkWoodbridge School06Non Member
Orhan OzgurTonbridge School3495556Non Member
Alexander ThorpDronfield Henry Fanshawe School3452156Non Member
Joe BonserCheadle Hulme GS06Non Member
Felix ThoiAltrincham Grammar School3207976Non Member
Oleg PoborcevTiffin School06Non Member
Nikhil DevakumarCheadle Hulme GS315358113816Non Member
Oli SmithEton College06Non Member
Archie IslamDame Alice Owen06Non Member
Sasha BarnesDame Alice Owen06Non Member
Preston ChoiTonbridge School06Non Member
Laurence LiuJudd GS31247990576Non Member
Nicholas LaidlawTonbridge School06Non Member
Justin LeungTonbridge School06Non Member
Samvrit SubinTiffin School306712141925Expiry before June 30th
Cathal LuceyTiffin School3428435Non Member
Muhammad SalimTiffin School05Non Member
James Vaughan-HawkinsCheadle Hulme GS3542475Non Member
James TarimoCheadle Hulme GS05Non Member
Tommy NolanCheadle Hulme GS311916158575Non Member
Hugo WilkinsonAltrincham Grammar School350072347745Expiry before game
Ben Tyler-BroughCheadle Hulme GS05Non Member
Isaac KingTonbridge School3455265Non Member
Ben WildTonbridge School3254945Non Member
Kai CuiAltrincham Grammar School323067193565Non Member
David ReevesCheadle Hulme GS05Non Member
Edgar PackJudd GS05Non Member
Will RobinsonEton College3288705Non Member
Vladimir PanteaEton College05Non Member
Miaka ChickEton College297060103585Non Member
Daniel RoweJudd GS317821186425Non Member
Nate Logan-VirdenAltrincham Grammar School05Non Member
Isaac HubbardDronfield Henry Fanshawe School3452165Non Member
Nat EversDronfield Henry Fanshawe School05Non Member
Jack SpicerTiffin School3441054Non Member
Kiaan AgrawalTonbridge School04Non Member
Yijun WangTonbridge School342738392344Expiry before June 30th
Fred MunnTonbridge School3455284Non Member
Rahul SurapaneniCheadle Hulme GS309354127994Expiry before game
Quique Julia de PabloTiffin School3511374Non Member
Johan MathewTiffin School31045174894Non Member
Nadhmi AuchiEton College302754109444Non Member
Rey BhardwajAltrincham Grammar School04Non Member
Stephen GoodladDame Alice Owen312166367414Expiry before June 30th
Artem NemynushchyiWoodbridge School04Non Member
Ned Van SteenisEton College345416312374Expiry before June 30th
Abdul SayedTiffin School04Non Member
Daniel CroftsUrmston GS04Non Member
Hugo StreetTonbridge School04Non Member
Faris RawshdehAltrincham Grammar School04Non Member
Lucas BowmanTiffin School3531924Non Member
James SeadenWoodbridge School319877186494Expiry before game
Edward SlackEton College319318177784Expiry before game
Callum GarrettWoodbridge School356727404034Expiry before June 30th
Isaac LamTiffin School31338565343Expiry before game
Joshua FranksTiffin School2772643Non Member
Toby MokTonbridge School03Non Member
Kidder BaconEton College03Non Member
Radeef KhanAltrincham Grammar School03Non Member
Urav RoyAltrincham Grammar School03Non Member
Danwei LiuAltrincham Grammar School03Non Member
Jacob WoodhallCheadle Hulme GS03Non Member
Alexandros TheodosiouCheadle Hulme GS03Non Member
Alessandro GrilloJudd GS03Non Member
Sam GodfreyJudd GS307774140563Non Member
Dalen KurmanbayevTonbridge School347741378573Expiry before June 30th
Marcus LamBolton School03Non Member
Donnie NguyenUrmston GS03Non Member
Justin LeungTonbridge School03Non Member
Peter GuoHolyport College345992317873Expiry before game
Gilbert PayneHolyport College345994317883Expiry before game
Danny OpreaJudd GS30125334533Expiry before game
Druha ChandrashekharJudd GS03Non Member
Amber BathHolyport College03Non Member
Max LiEton College03Non Member
Jean Van der SpuyTonbridge School03Non Member
Deniz OzgurTonbridge School03Non Member
Elliot HansonDronfield Henry Fanshawe School03Non Member
Stephen GoodladDame Alice Owen312166367413Expiry before game
Vedant HariharanTiffin School03Non Member
Aryan SharmaTiffin School02Non Member
Marlon WenBolton School3462402Non Member
Thomas HumphreysBolton School309722395762Expiry before June 30th
Jeffrey LokBolton School02Non Member
Tom HawkinsDronfield Henry Fanshawe School02Non Member
Yichen WuTiffin School316135164812Expiry before June 30th
Nathanel RaykoTonbridge School02Non Member
Aidan ThompsonJudd GS02Non Member
James YenTonbridge School02Non Member
Taymour AuchiEton College302733153342Non Member
Albert ChengEton College02Non Member
Jamie LuiEton College02Non Member
Bryan GohEton College344841307092Expiry before June 30th
Luke BurnsBolton School31283294472Non Member
Lochlan De LangeTiffin School344802307192Expiry before game
Ayush VishwanathTiffin School02Non Member
Ahmed SalihUrmston GS02Non Member
Arun SinghUrmston GS340797263452Non Member
Esther EreyemiUrmston GS02Non Member
Anixton LintonTiffin School341225268252Expiry before game
Adam KonurAltrincham Grammar School02Non Member
Rhiannan StormonthHolyport College345995317862Expiry before game
Fionnlagh WraggHolyport College02Non Member
Hazel TseHolyport College02Non Member
Pranav LabrooJudd GS302466127032Non Member
Shaurya AroraJudd GS353751378732Expiry before June 30th
George PerkinsHolyport College02Non Member
Alex ShenEton College327796221342Non Member
Carlos MonteiroTiffin School02Non Member
Minhajul AlamTiffin School02Non Member
Ashrith KrishnaTiffin School321394260682Non Member
Aidan HollidayWoodbridge School02Non Member
Benno JungclausWoodbridge School02Non Member
Tom GilbertHolyport College02Non Member
George PlayleHolyport College02Non Member
Luca BranchesiHolyport College355196389532Expiry before June 30th
Myah SibandaHolyport College02Non Member
Sadee MorrisHolyport College02Non Member
James SmithUrmston GS3193272Non Member
Andy SmithUrmston GS02Non Member
Vanya SmolyakovTiffin School3428472Non Member
Aarav AgarwalJudd GS02Non Member
Pavishok SripaskaranTiffin School3523992Non Member
Quique Julia de PabloTiffin School01Non Member
Kavish AgrawalTonbridge School3455251Non Member
Dhruv SoniTiffin School01Non Member
Aanvik KaushikTiffin School01Non Member
Ahmed Al-BahadiliTiffin School3445481Non Member
Marcus LawBolton School01Non Member
Vishakh SainiAltrincham Grammar School343971301211Expiry before game
Alida ChanTonbridge School01Non Member
Rajas NandaEton College3431721Non Member
Leo HandJudd GS01Non Member
David WuTonbridge School01Non Member
Nicky LingBolton School01Non Member
Taha ImranTiffin School01Non Member
Nishkarsh JainTiffin School344785306441Expiry before game
Ishaan JhanwarTiffin School01Non Member
Anirudh NedungadiAltrincham Grammar School323046230171Expiry before June 30th
Eric ChenAltrincham Grammar School01Non Member
Kai ZhangAltrincham Grammar School3492901Non Member
Dalen KurmanbayevTonbridge School347741378571Expiry before game
Dominic FaganWoodbridge School3649201Non Member
Sadiq HamayunEton College01Non Member
Zach FrierUrmston GS01Non Member
Lucas Saunders-AromaTonbridge School341426271471Non Member
Tarun VelmuruganBolton School01Non Member
Ben MotramDronfield Henry Fanshawe School01Non Member
George ValatkaTiffin School01Non Member
Dinushan SridineshTiffin School01Non Member
Theo PommierWoodbridge School308299222971Expiry before June 30th
James SeadenWoodbridge School319877186491Expiry before June 30th
Andrew HuismanWoodbridge School01Non Member
Ryan KarmakarTiffin School3474481Non Member
Neel AmarnaniCheadle Hulme GS01Non Member
Rufus BalchEngland01Non Member
James FieldingAltrincham Grammar School3459031Non Member
James RammEton College30711870151Non Member
Rayan NasirUrmston GS01Non Member
Harry ShuteTiffin School01Non Member
Jayden JeTiffin School01Non Member
Bobur KhakimovEton College341328269671Expiry before game
Albert XuEton College318427185711Expiry before game
Quentin RumpfTonbridge School01Non Member
Ashton MorriseyBolton School01Non Member
Ryan HungBolton School01Non Member
Daniel TitiloyeBolton School01Non Member
Bosco ChanHolyport College01Non Member
Mark Knight SanchezHolyport College01Non Member
Ben FosterHolyport College01Non Member
Hugo De JagerHolyport College353950381791Expiry before game
Ace SommerfeldTiffin School01Non Member
Max MacdonaldJudd GS01Non Member
Pratham DalalJudd GS01Non Member

Based on membership information from the rating system updated on Tue 20th February 2024 .