Team Captains

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CambridgeFenland Cup (Open)Philip Fallon***************
ElyCambs Division 2Ben Tarlow***************
ElyFenland Cup (7000)Ben Tarlow***************
GodmanchesterCambs Division 2Andy Rankine***************
GodmanchesterFenland Cup (7000)Andy Rankine***************
Godmanchester ComradesTeam 7000 (South)Andy Rankine***************
New EnglandFenland Cup (Open)Ray Ilett***************
New England ACambs Division 1Ray Ilett***************
New England BCambs Division 2Christopher John Russell***************
New England CavaliersTeam 4000 (North)James Jennings***************
New England PatriotsFenland Cup (7000)Ed Knox***************
New England PatriotsTeam 7000 (North)Ed Knox***************
PeterboroughFenland Cup (7000)Douglas Redden***************
PeterboroughFenland Cup (Open)Douglas Redden***************
Peterborough ACambs Division 1Douglas Redden***************
Peterborough BCambs Division 2James Blair***************
Peterborough DTeam 7000 (North)Douglas Redden***************
Peterborough KnightsTeam 4000 (North)Steve Fairhurst***************
Peterborough PiratesTeam 4000 (South)James Blair***************
RookswoodCambs Division 2Mr F.J.Bowers***************
RookswoodFenland Cup (Open)Mr F.J.Bowers***************
RookswoodFenland Cup (7000)Mr F.J.Bowers***************
RookswoodTeam 4000 (North)Simon Nelson***************
RoystonTeam 7000 (South)Arthur Andrews***************
RoystonFenland Cup (7000)Arthur Andrews***************
Spalding Team 4000 (North)James Smith***************
SpaldingTeam 7000 (North)James Smith***************
St IvesFenland Cup (Open)Peter Baddeley***************
St Ives ACambs Division 1Peter Baddeley***************
St Ives BCambs Division 2Peter Wells***************
St Ives Dirty MacsTeam 7000 (South)Peter Baddeley***************
St Ives DMFenland Cup (7000)Peter Baddeley***************
St Ives Flat CapsTeam 4000 (South)James Beck***************
St Ives WCFenland Cup (7000)James Beck***************
St Ives White CapesTeam 7000 (North)James Beck***************
St Ives Woolly HatsTeam 4000 (South)Peter Wells***************
St NeotsFenland Cup (Open)Colin Emery***************
St NeotsTeam 7000 (South)Colin Emery***************
St NeotsFenland Cup (7000)Colin Emery***************
St Neots ACambs Division 1Colin Emery***************
St Neots BCambs Division 2Colin Emery***************
St Neots CTeam 4000 (South)Colin Emery***************