Thames Valley Online Chess League - New Players

These players have no ECF code specified, or the ECF code they have is not valid (possibly it has changed). Pick to search for them in the ECF list

NameECF CodePlayer List
Zahra Abkhoo0Hammersmith
Zayne Agarwal0
Zayne Ali0Wimbledon
Zayne Ali0
Zayne Ali0
Lucian I Badescu0
Ashwin Balkrishna0
Fatima Dewan0Hammersmith
Nish Grg0
Siena Gurjar0Harrow
Vincent Horovitz0Hammersmith
Caelan Patel0Ealing
Rian Patel0Ealing
James Pitts0Hammersmith
Zeren Tan0Ealing
Frank Valle0Hammersmith
Xiling Wang0Harrow