Oxfordshire Chess Association - New Players

These players have no ECF code specified, or the ECF code they have is not valid (possibly it has changed). Pick to search for them in the ECF list

NameECF CodePlayer List
M Christensen0Cumnor
Ko Ko Lwin0Cowley
Kalman Fuzi0Banbury
John Ruckert0Banbury
Andresson0Oxford City
Suleyman Selim Cinaroglu0Oxford University
Dedrick Chan0Oxford University
Alexander Hughes0Oxford University
Williams Joseph0Oxford University
Ewan Richardson0Oxford University
Jake Flowerdew0Oxford University
Jonathan Hodson0Oxford University
Shaun Houlden0Oxford University
Katherine Miles0Oxford University
Leonard-Petru Turica0Oxford University
Charlie Richards0Oxford University
Ben Elvidge0Oxford City
Tony Tomkys0Witney
Testing Ian0
John Place0
John Place0