Team Captains

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Cheshire & North WalesFive Counties Div 1Charles HIGGIE***************
Hampton Hill Youth AFive Counties Div 2Verity Ann Pettit***************
Hampton Hill Youth BFive Counties Div 2Verity Ann Pettit***************
Jonathan Hawkins Juniors AFive Counties Div 1Angela Eyton***************
Jonathan Hawkins Juniors BFive Counties Div 2Angela Eyton***************
Maidstone KnightsFive Counties Div 2MR JOHN LAMBERT***************
MalpasFive Counties Div 1Charles HIGGIE***************
NomadsFive Counties Div 1Charles HIGGIE***************
OswestryFive Counties Div 1Charles HIGGIE***************
Sheffield Uni 70's GraduatesFive Counties Div 1Charles HIGGIE***************
Shropshire JuniorsFive Counties Div 2Charles HIGGIE***************
Staines & RunnymedeFive Counties Div 1Derek McGovern***************
Surbiton Juniors AFive Counties Div 1Christopher Briscoe***************
Surbiton Juniors BFive Counties Div 2Christopher Briscoe***************
Uxbridge AFive Counties Div 1Nigel Colter***************
Uxbridge BFive Counties Div 1Michael Price***************
Uxbridge Juniors AFive Counties Div 1Daniel Knight***************
Uxbridge Juniors BFive Counties Div 2Daniel Knight***************
Uxbridge Juniors CFive Counties Div 2Daniel Knight***************
Uxbridge Juniors DFive Counties Div 2Daniel Knight***************
Watford Juniors AFive Counties Div 1Roger Lancaster***************
Watford Juniors BFive Counties Div 2Roger Lancaster***************
Watford Juniors CFive Counties Div 2Roger Lancaster***************