County Championships Online - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Roger HartCumbria CA234087ME0243594
Greg F MillarCumbria CA315392ME0057874
John GraveCumbria CA288573ME0079453
Gary MurphyNorthumberland CA210625ME0247811
Peter E CaulfieldCumbria CA246215ME0123614
David WrightCumbria CA142736ME0039784
Ainsley KilleyGloucestershire CCA127553ME0003793
Matthew RoweECF South319541ME0188622
Chris TJ McKinleySomerset CA115187ME0029041
Adrian BillingsleyEssex CA261811ME0003093
Justin MostonBerkshire CA227431 ME008432
George FelthamHampshire CA288894ME0055264
David P HolmesLeicestershire CA285676ME0220391
Dai HarrisEssex CA329829ME0234865
Paul E LittlewoodCheshire & N.Wales CA114488ME0119615
Mehmet N AltınsoyCheshire & N.Wales CA0ME0248624
W E (Bill) UptonBerkshire CA145151ME0022432
Bernard RossEssex CA263886ME0021841
David J jnr FosterECF North228466ME0168251
David GoldmanECF South155243ME0219813
David LyallGloucestershire CCA341249 ME025724
Susmita BadeBerkshire CA306166ME0152454
Tom AvezbakievEngland314171ME0157832
Anaya TripathiEngland327673ME0225341
Kirill GaraNorthumberland CA253975 ME021972
Shruti PaiNorthumberland CA340609 ME025452
Liam PennyCheshire & N.Wales CA0ME0252044
Kenneth J ButcherEssex CA107791ME0086903
Gary VarjianCheshire & N.Wales CA340080ME0253315
Paul CoxCheshire & N.Wales CA181419 ME024992
Guy GriffithsCumbria CA302550ME0058582
Nandi KorossyEssex CA340185ME0253941
Andrew LawsonNorthumberland CA104694ME0011941
Tim G CutterHampshire CA135624ME0156231
David GrahamHampshire CA299716ME0036281
John V JesticoEngland113635ME0079671
Golf SookphanichSomerset CA314132ME0056271
Advik TripathiEngland326777ME0212441
Emmet ClarkeEssex CA297773ME0172861
Felix ToddEssex CA340392ME0259561

Based on membership list date Tue 28th September 2021 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.