WMA Spring League Division 2

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Solihull 24½ - 3½Isle of WightThu 23rd Apr 202020:15OU
Coventry Chess4½ - 3½Sutton Coldfield 2Thu 23rd Apr 202020:15OU
South Birmingham 25½ - 2½Mutual CircleThu 23rd Apr 202020:15OU
Stourbridge 2 <3 - 3Stourbridge 1Thu 23rd Apr 202020:15OU
Worcester 23 - 5Warwick UniversityThu 23rd Apr 202020:15OU
Stourbridge 17 - 1Solihull 2Thu 30th Apr 202020:15OV
Mutual Circle5 - 3Worcester 2Thu 30th Apr 202020:15OV
Coventry Chess6½ - 1½Stourbridge 2Thu 30th Apr 202020:15OU
Sutton Coldfield 23 - 5Warwick UniversityThu 30th Apr 202020:15OU
Isle of Wight6 - 2South Birmingham 2Thu 30th Apr 202020:15OV
Worcester 23 - 5Isle of WightThu 7th May 202020:15OV
Stourbridge 24½ - 3½Sutton Coldfield 2Thu 7th May 202020:15OV
South Birmingham 27½ - ½Stourbridge 1Thu 7th May 202020:15OU
Solihull 24 - 4Coventry ChessThu 7th May 202020:15OV
Warwick University5 - 3Mutual CircleThu 7th May 202020:15OV
Isle of Wight2 - 6Warwick UniversityThu 14th May 202020:15OV
Mutual Circle3½ - 4½Sutton Coldfield 2Thu 14th May 202020:15OU
Stourbridge 15½ - 2½Worcester 2Thu 14th May 202020:15OV
Coventry Chess5 - 3South Birmingham 2Thu 14th May 202020:15OV
Worcester 25½ - 2½Coventry ChessThu 21st May 202020:15OV
Stourbridge 27 - 1Solihull 2Thu 21st May 202020:15OV
Warwick University4½ - 3½Stourbridge 1Thu 21st May 202020:15OV
Mutual Circle2 - 6Isle of WightThu 21st May 202020:15OU
South Birmingham 20 - 0Stourbridge 2Thu 28th May 202019:30OU
Stourbridge 10 - 0Mutual CircleThu 28th May 202019:30OU
Coventry Chess0 - 0Warwick UniversityThu 28th May 202020:15OU
Isle of Wight0 - 0Stourbridge 1Thu 4th Jun 202019:30OU
Stourbridge 20 - 0Worcester 2Thu 4th Jun 202019:30OU
Solihull 20 - 0South Birmingham 2Thu 4th Jun 202019:30OU
Mutual Circle0 - 0Coventry ChessThu 4th Jun 202019:30OU
Worcester 20 - 0Solihull 2Thu 11th Jun 202020:15OU
Warwick University0 - 0Stourbridge 2Thu 11th Jun 202019:30OU
Coventry Chess0 - 0Isle of WightThu 11th Jun 202019:30OU
Solihull 20 - 0Warwick UniversityThu 18th Jun 202019:30OU
South Birmingham 20 - 0Worcester 2Thu 18th Jun 202019:30OU
Stourbridge 20 - 0Mutual CircleThu 18th Jun 202019:30OU
Mutual Circle0 - 0Solihull 2Thu 25th Jun 202019:30OU
Isle of Wight0 - 0Stourbridge 2Thu 25th Jun 202019:30OU
Warwick University0 - 0South Birmingham 2Thu 25th Jun 202019:30OU
Stourbridge 10 - 0Coventry ChessThu 25th Jun 202019:30OU