West Midlands Area League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Gary BoswellRedditch1866932
Peter SeeleyStourbridge28084212
David SmithRedditch28154914
Anthony RimmingtonRedditch3214082
Praveen JoySolihull30258436
Anas AbdalkreemSolihull32629512
Ahmed AbdalkreemSolihull32629810
Stathis WiseSolihull3295462
Cory S HazlehurstSouth Birmingham18290916
Matthew LittleSouth Birmingham1874784
Alan T WoollastonSouth Birmingham2498462
Paul HeeneySouth Birmingham2708974
Viswamedha NalabotuSouth Birmingham3065802
Milenko WalnerSouth Birmingham32207412
David ScrivenStourbridge23350314
Ethan Chan SmithStourbridge3205632
Wahhaab IshaqMutual Circle32801814
Henrik StepanyanSutton Coldfield26434824
J Wojciech CzopekSutton Coldfield31408316
Kate M DoneganCoventry Chess10978010
David J IrelandCoventry Chess1133867
Mike J JohnsonCoventry Chess11369422
Peter SmithCoventry Chess11931410
Simon WeaverCoventry Chess12126824
Sam CotterillCoventry Chess29154112
Warrick ScaifeCoventry Chess32126022
Peter R KitsonWorcester12764512
Stephen D MellorWorcester23088320
Simon BerryWorcester31270330
Malcolm S HardingRugby1120808
Nigel MalkaRugby1301434
Christopher BadleyRugby3186568
Ganesh Vishwanath NatrajRugby3295454
AD (Tony) WilliamsIsle of Wight132079 34
N PitherIsle of Wight182818 14
Charles CharalambousIsle of Wight330286ME02393514
Sumeet SinghalMutual Circle119066 10
David CleakWorcester29545820
Louis (Sandy) StrittonIsle of Wight0ME0245854
Andrew P McCumiskeySolihull115243ME01761324
Eric GibbonSolihull142364 24
Clive E BillingeKidderminster128764ME00307510
John S KeaveneyLichfield2094646
Peter WillettLichfield29693816
James E O'DellKidderminster11636814
Mark RileyKidderminster11796416
Cameron HenryKidderminster32946916
Nathanael KasafirSouth Birmingham104338 14
Peter WarrenIsle of Wight243843 4
Pelle O LarsenSouth Birmingham331354 8
Edwin PodolskiSouth Birmingham331138 2
Peter J BatchelorWarwick University263174 4
Matthew T ThompsonSouth Birmingham3172352
Ed OsbournWorcester2824512
Paul S ShellardWarwick University3056272
Seth ClarkIsle of Wight0ME0245892
Amit Senthil-KumarSolihull326297 2
Seth Chan SmithStourbridge320564 4
Chris W PittSouth Birmingham129346 2
Dwight ReynoldsonSutton Coldfield330688ME0242604

Based on membership list date Wed 21st October 2020 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.