Automating grading submission from the LMS

ECF Online ratings

If you want your event submitted for ECF online ratings, fill in the form on the ECF web site so the grading team know to expect the event:

Select the appropriate category of ECF online ratings in the LMS event settings Grading Type (ECF Online Standard, ECF Online Rapid or ECF Online Blitz). It will be sent by the LMS for online rating if the event is selected for auto rating (see below).

The new Monthly grading system 2020/21

When the new monthly grading system comes online it is anticipated that the LMS will send results for all events opted into auto-grading automatically once per month. The person specified as grader will receive an email with feedback from the grading system notifying them if the grading submission was successful or if there is anything they need to fix. If they need to fix anything they will have to login to the grading system. The most likely thing they might to to fix would be a player with no ECF grading code - they would have to either chose the grading code from a list of possible matches in the grading system or to request a new one (for a new player). Or if they have got the player grading code wrong. In the unlikely event of a grading file needing to be recreated there is a new resubmit button in the auto grading report. There is also a games count (not yet active) to show how many games have been sent to the grading system. It would save a lot of trouble if organisers could ensure that player grading codes are correct before month end using the various reports that are available in the LMS.

How to opt in to autograding 2019/20

From 2019 it will now be possible for grading files to be generated from the LMS without any intervention from the grader. The objective is to save work for graders and the ECF grading administrator.

  1. Select the grader at organisation level ( Admin /Settings )

  2. Put auto grading on for each event ( Event level settings ) and set the treasurer

Old Process

The Current process is for the grader to:

  • assign a grading code for an event (or group of events) using a 2 character prefix (usually their initials)
  • generate grading files from within the LMS (or create them themselves)
  • put the files through the ECF grading checker program.
  • fix any issues.
  • email files to the grading administrator
  • grading administrator emails back feedback (or errors) from the grading system to the grader.
  • if there were any errors the grader corrects them and emails the file again.

New Process

Organisers can opt in to the new process by filling in the grader field in the organisation level settings, and the treasurer field in the event level settings. The grader and treasurer must be given LMS userids for this to be done. If you want to opt out, do not set the auto grading setting to LMS at event level (5)

  • Now: Organisers fill in grader and treasurer fields to opt in.
  • Now: Graders or organisers should check in advance that players are correctly identified by their ECF grading codes (1).
  • Monthly - starting Feb 2020: LMS identifies graded events which only contain updated results since the last time it sent results for grading (2). LMS automatically assigns its own grading codes to these events and generates the grading files. Graders will be emailed notification about which events have were sent for grading.
  • During the month The grading administrator processes these files.
  • During the month Grading administrator emails back feedback (or errors) from the grading system to the grader (3).If there were any errors, the grader can get the issues fixed in the LMS


  1. These reports should be useful in checking things are ok prior to grading:
    • From organisation home page, Reports / Different. Shows differences between grading system and lms.
    • From organisation home page, Admin / New Players. Shows players not known to the grading system. Clicking on the player shows players in the grading system with the same name.
    • From organisation home page, Reports / Similar. Shows players with no ecf grading code similar to someone already on the ECF list. The percentages shown here are a similar idea to those shown by the ecf checker but not the same.
  2. An event containing results prior to July 1st 2019 is assumed to have already been sent for grading so is ignored by the LMS and the grader must send updated files in the old way. To see which events the LMS will send for grading for your organisation look at the new report under Reports/Grading. If the status says OK then the LMS will send it for grading. If it says IGNORED then no grading file will be sent and the grader will have to grade it in the old way. The various reasons an event my get Ignored are:
    • Old Results - this means the event contains a fixture last updated prior to July 1st and therefore is assumed to have results already submitted grading. The grader must submit this event for grading manually (in the old way) as the LMS cannot know what event code or submission number was used.
    • No grader - the organisation owner must select who is the grader.
    • No treasurer - the organisation owner must select who is the treasurer
    • No club - there is a new player unknown to the grading system without a club - club must be specified (for any new players - ie those who don't have ECF grading codes already, you need to go into edit on them and give them a club). This is a problem only with individual tournaments - for leagues it deduces the club from the team.
  3. They will be emailed to the email address set up as the organisation grader in the LMS.
  4. The LMS considers an event updated if the date of a reported fixture was changed. It may be necessary to resubmit a matchcard to tell it something has changed depending on what the issue identified by feedback from the grading system was.
  5. To tell if you are opted in, look at Reports/Grading. Any event listed as Status=OK is opted in.
  6. The process has been tested by putting about 25% of the (160 odd) LMS generated grading files through the checker. As this is the first time we are trying this we might not have thought of everything and there may be some teething troubles. Please pass any feedback on the lms to Malcolm Peacock or questions about the grading system to Brian Valentine