Hull K v St Andrews C

Ross Cup Fri 10th Jan 2020
BoardHomeHull KSt Andrews CAway
1 (B) 134A
Allison, Paul A
½ - ½
Thackray, John
2 (W) 100L
Catto, Joseph
0 - 1
Pollard, Michael A
3 (B) 094B
Colley, Nick
0 - 1
Donoghue, Steve
4 (W) 050L
Blaylock, Andy
1 - 0(def)
Handicap2 - 0
Total3783½ - 2½Total376

Last update Paul Allison Sat 11th Jan 2020 13:06. Reported by Paul Allison Sat 11th Jan 2020 13:06. Verified By John Thackray Mon 13th Jan 2020 10:02


Away team total grade with 95 default 471 so handicap is 2
PA 11.01.20

At about 6pm on Friday I received a telephone call from one of my team informing me of a family emergency which meant that they could not play, so we had to default a board. I was very disappointed to find when we calculated the handicap that we had nothing to play for, because even if we drew the match by winning every game the lower graded team would progress. It seems unfair to me that the grade we had to use on the missing board was higher than the grade of the missing player, meaning that a handicap of 2 points applied rather than 1 point. If I had not known prior to the calculation of the handicap that a board would be defaulted then the handicap would only have been 1 point and it would have been possible for us to win the match.

I believe the rule was created to stop people from manipulating the team grade and thus the handicap by putting very lowly graded players on the team list whilst knowing that they weren't actually going to show up.