Players that differ from the ECF Rating list

First NameLast NameECF CodeWarningsName DifferenceDOB DifferenceSex DifferenceNew Club
Alex JAshworth2535741 Lincoln (2LIN)
Mark TAtkins3128181 Lincoln (2LIN)
TomBertins3104971 Louth (3LOU)
VictorBrown2340951 Louth (3LOU)
Harry MBrown2698591 Louth (3LOU)
KieranBurt3012871 Lincoln (2LIN)
RenjayChong3142581 Louth (3LOU)
RenyiChong3142591 Louth (3LOU)
Andrew JCoe2667001 Appleby Frodingham (2AFR)
BenCrow3110462 **** Lincoln (2LIN)
Rick MDavey2341831 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
MikeDew2579701 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
AnthonyDixon1097061 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
John DDuncan2984921 Grimsby (3GBY)
IanDurant2950961 Louth (3LOU)
PhilipGutcher2887771 Grimsby (3GBY)
AlanHall2482381 Grimsby (3GBY)
JohnHamson2921221 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
PaulHart1122411 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
PeterHolman1128842 **** Appleby Frodingham (2AFR)
PaulHutchinson2579751 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
Kevin CMcCarthy2442681 Lincoln (2LIN)
JoshuaMcGillicuddy3129381 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
Peter AMetcalfe2301161 Lincoln (2LIN)
Amy FMilson2631751 Louth (3LOU)
ArlanMusurov2911511 Lincoln (2LIN)
DavidO'Neill2599061 Lincoln (2LIN)
MalcolmPatullo3168661 Louth (3LOU)
LukePhillips2860071 Grimsby (3GBY)
Mark MPolovina1545421 Scunthorpe (2SCN)
MarkRadley1613941 Grimsby (3GBY)
JoaquinRuiz Manrique2580681 Louth (3LOU)
HarryRussell2808391 Louth (3LOU)
YasminShah2943111 Louth (3LOU)
AndyStead3168671 Louth (3LOU)
AlessThorbjorn3168681 Louth (3LOU)
MaxVasey2856081 Grimsby (3GBY)
LawrenceWoulfe-Flanagan3037901 Grimsby (3GBY)
SamuelWright-Crofts3021111 Louth (3LOU)