S&D Knockout Championship

TextPlayers toss for colours and play 36 moves in 1hr:15mins followed by 15 min finish. If result is a draw then reverse colours and play again, same time limit. If a draw then play 2 x 15-min games, if a draw, play 2 x 10-min games, if a draw, play 2 x 5 min games, if a draw then play an Armageddon game: toss for colours, White has 6 mins for the game, Black has 5mins. White must win to go through; any other result, Black goes through. The event is entered as a team knock out where each "team" has one board. The name of the team is the name of the player. In the event of a draw, which requires another game, a board is added with the same players and continues this way until a result is reached.
Event Name S&D Knockout Championship
Season Name2019-20
Event TypeKnockout (Draw by round)
Event Order3
HandicapNo handicap
Special Rules - fixture is1 match
Number of boards1
Grade Limit0
Default Grade0
Grades Below DefaultCount as their grade
PlatformOver the board
PGNPGN all in 1 File | PGN Zip File with one file per game
Grading CodePSSCU2
Primary Grading TypeECF Standard Old 3 digit
Grade in brackets in match ViewECF Standard Old 3 digit
Sent for rating asNot sent for rating
ECF Members OnlyN