Lytham 2 v Bispham 1

Division B Thu 5th Mar 2020
BoardHomeLytham 2Bispham 1Away
1 (B) 145D
Wilson, Peter A
0 - 1
Sosinski, Jakub
2 (W) 140A
Aspinall, David E
½ - ½
Wilcox, Keith A
3 (B) 124A
Tinton, Robert
1 - 0
Broxson, Ron
4 (W) 110C
Taylor, Graham
1 - 0
Wallace, Peter
Total5192½ - 1½Total430

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I saw 3 of these 4 games but board 3 was already over when I arrived at 7.30 pm! Ron wasn't in the mood, I gather, but did manage to get a bargain bottle of beer to take home!
Graham and Peter were in a game with opposite -coloured bishops but queens still on and slightly blocked by the pawn chain. Peter had an extra pawn but, threatened with an attack on his king down the h-file,
Graham broke through the centre with his queen and bishop and forced a rapid checkmate against Peter's undefended king.
Board 2 seemed to slightly favour Keith going into an endgame with rook , knight and equal pawns. However, Dave gained the upper hand and should have won a pawn to reach a winning rook and pawn ending but the draw was enough to win the match for Lytham.
A very close game on board 1 when Peter appeared to gain control of the board by advancing his queen into the heart of the position. However, Jakub defended resourcefully and forced the win of a piece after advancing his rook to the 7th rank of the undefended c file. Peter hung on for some time but was unable to avoid defeat after this.